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Hi All,

I have been selected for CRISIL - Research. My only choice in the option form.

Now, I am in a dilemma between CCAP and Bank PO. I have also been finally selected for Bank of India PO. I m 24+. I took a gamble 2-3 yrs back with Times School of Marketing which didn't paid off due to recession. I could not get a job with times of India which was kind of assured after the course.

The burns for the same is still fresh. Though I always had a job in hand after that. But never a career.

The main logic for TSM, was to work for 2-3 years and than do MBA. Some how, I couldn't clear into any top B-school this year.

I am highly confused between security of Bank PO and risk(also read faster career growth, better working environment, et al) of CCAP/CRISIL.

I am 24+ now. My family insist on Bank PO. My logic(read mind) says CRISIL and my heart is completely confused.

Please help me in my despair.

Also, I would like to know how many 24+ are joining CCAP. I certainly don't want to be the only senior citizen there.

@seniors - Any idea about job location. Can we get a location of our choice after two years. I would like to shift back to Delhi after two years. Would that be easily possible with CRISIL Research??
Ankur Mehra

hey buddy ... congo..i knew u wil make it.

Bhai bank PO is a v boring and pathetic job. i know cause my mom and dad are both bank officers. they dnt alow u to use ur brains much rest ol thing is same as in pvt sector - long working hours, pressure etc.

Crisil offers u a chalenging profile. U get to meet CEOs , interact wd corporate wizards etc. And i hav personaly talked to a senior and he told me dt dre hav been no such case where 1 cleared ol d ccap semesters and didnt got a 5 lakh package.

olso, crisil has a v strong HR. Its not dt dy wil nt accept u wn a slow down comes. As a matter of fact they are investing 3 lakh on each intern and that includes pay of Nitie profs, nitie campus etc.

I would say go for crisil and u wil hav a exciting career after two years.

all d best
Dear CCAP Aspirant,

Thank you very much for your interest in CCAP.

You have successfully cleared the Group Discussion & Personal Interview and
have been selected for admission to the CRISIL Certified Analyst Programme,
Batch of 2010 - 2012. Your internship has been assigned to Irevna

was my first choice

now i don't know whether i will join this

buddy me too alloted irevna... seniors plz let us knw more bt irevna

m thru...ne d6 guy in ?

XaXiZ Says
Thanx for the info. A dealer told me that sony is pulling the plug on eb16. is thr any truth in his claim ??

yes, sony has stopped the production of eb 16 and only the inventory is being sold in the markets

m confusd between vaio E series and dell inspiron...

d configuration is d same.All i wanted to know is which has a batter battery back up and more importantly which does not gets up heated fast ?

nai yaar....he doesnt even have any EB16 rite now...though ea13 is available in blue

For those of you , who wanna buy a sony vaio in coming days , i have a news

I got a info from a dealer in NCR that SONY is going to increase the price of its laptops by 8-12 % due to heavy volatilty in Foreign exchange.

I know the dealer personally and its not one of his sales technique. He said that the increase may come in 7-10 days. You guys can confirm this from a dealer near you who deals only in SONY

even in dell's accidental cover,there are lots of TERMS AND CONDITIONS.so do keep that in mind.although the accidental damage may come in handy sometime but otherwise i wud say sony is a better quality product anyday.

P.S:just my personal opinion guys.please dont start a brand war.

thanks man !

hav u been using sony ? does it gets heated after using for say 2 hours

hi every one....

i was planning to buy a sony vaio lappy. but i recently learnt that sony does not provide any accidental cover on its lappy's where as dell does.

Is it true? if yes, dn how much impact will it make. i hav heard dt vaio's r shock proof. m confusd...

I had my GD/PI on 27th May at Delhi D6 -

Number of Candidate - 12
Basis of Judgement - Conduct, Content, Communication Skills and Clarity of Thought
Number of Judges - 3
Topic of GD - What are the pros and cons of having a female president.
Overall good discussion, we were stopped after 10 min by Program Leader, then everyone was asked to point out their views in 30sec. Few took 20 sec and few others spoke for 5 min, no one was cut-short

Number of Selection - 8 (Your profile can also help you in getting a selection even if you have not performed that well in GD as they were looking into the application forms while shortlisting which took around 15 min)

Interview - Interview started with my answers to one of the question in the form. They asked me what is risk? then what were the headlines in the newspaper, Air India strike, Reva taken over by MM, Greece crisis then shifted to industry being affected by greece crisis, Asked me how to ascertain risk for a company, What is P/E ratio and Beta? About my family background? Why finance after marketing? what will I do if not CCAP and few other questions ...

Please note that one question lead to another question. So no question was arbitrary.... except for the family background , what if not CCAP question

P.S. - Be calm and composed

Ankur yaar, m so sorry ...i m nt able to recognize u....was in d same batch. I was d one who didnt spoke almost nethng in GD and stil got thru..

Wre u with the American accent or d guy wd french beard...lemme knw