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takenphoenix Says
Hi,My rank is 1222. I've taken up HR at IMTG. Is there any chance for me to get into the PGPHR at MDI on June 20th. Can any senior please help me regarding this..

Though I am not your senior, I would advise you to attend counseling as there are some chances and nobody can predict what will happen.
Tejas Sharma Says
How many seats are left in HR and IM?

4 seats are left in IM.
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ankur123xyz Says
you can take a loan from your hometown ,but it is usually easier to get a loan sanctioned from a branch nearby to the college..

Please check the post by Anurag Chopra.He has inquired about loan from UBI.

hi seniors.

Is it possible if someone else comes on my nehalf to submit the draft?...

thanks a lot..

Iam sorry if this is a repetitive question..

I have not been following this thread

Though I am not your senior but will still reply.You can check with MDI authorities about the possibility of giving authorization letter to someone to represent you.You can confirm it by calling MDI.Numbers are there on website.

varcat Says
Thanks a lot abhishek...how much time it takes to get the loan sanctioned and can i take loan from my home town?? or branch has to be within gurgaon??

It is easier if you take the loan from UBI bank's branch near your hometown.some of our friends have enquired.

varcat Says
somebody pls tell me about loan...i will be very grateful

The thing with loans is that you will have to pay the initial money yourself.later you can approach some banks for loans and they will be happy to lend you and also refund the initial money also.UBI does have a special scheme for MDI students.

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Rutvik2525 Says
Hey does MDI provide free laptops?

No it does not.But their are talks of getting some bulk deals of laptops through for those interested so that you can get best deals.

mohitgandhi1989 Says
my rank is 1151...can ny1 give any idea about my chances of getting HR???

Nobody can tell you exactly about your chances but possibility is surely there.Keep your hopes high and do attend counseling.

hello guys...what should be the matter in the authorisation letter...?

Pls reply...

plz call and confirm it from mdi admission office.i am not sure.the phone number are their on website.

My rank is 976 and it won't be possible for me to attend the counselling on 1st. Is there a chance of getting through? If yes then is it possible for someone else to deposit the draft on my behalf?

you have a very bright chance.about second question you should enquire officially by coming to mdi or by telephone.in my personal opinion it should be possible with with a letter of authorization but do confirm and check it.

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