• Abhishek Joshi
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Cat  2015 : 89.46

Qa 95


Va 58

UG: Mbbs

Pg : Mba IIFT Delhi

Work ek post mba 20 months

12 months sales & 8 months in consulting. 

Interested in IIM indore  Strategy

What are my chances

Where can one give miss aimcat? 

  • it will be available on ur homepage from sept .... 23 Jul '15.
RAJESH YADAV @john1237ec 577

it will be available on ur homepage from sept ...


Can any senior suggest of getting into fpm course in Iim a, b, c, I

My profile :

10: 85.2

12: 83.5

Mbbs 67

Mba 3.2/4.33

Work ex years:

Medical officer 2 years

Management trainee 1 year 2 months pharmacy sales.

Interested in business policy health related, public policy, or strategic management 

How much cat percentile should suffice at least for a call.

Kindly help.

Thanks in advance 

  • Apply to public policy schools abroad. Aim for GMAT > 700.. 16 Jul '15.
Shankha Basu @sb29 3,749

Apply to public policy schools abroad. Aim for GMAT > 700.

@Dant3 yes you can do that.
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@sneha.jha see in final list anyone who has given delhi or kolkata will be offered admission first in Delhi campus, then after that the guy or gal is asked to submit the fee and preference of campus. So now chill relax just focus on GD/PI .

IIFT is sarkari college and is definetly going to entertain all your wishes

@sneha.jha please check the earlier replies on previous pages you will find the answer.
@pussu01 it is wrong tosay that IIFT is only about International Business and Trade, it is first a General MBA course and than a IB course. Infact IB is something additional you learn here. There is no need to make yourself visible, but you should be crystal clear that how MBA and investing 2 years will be beneficial for your future endeavor. Justification how MBA is going to help you is most important.

And even if they ask you why IB then tell them IB is something additional you will learn , which will inturn help you to understand various economic factors and help u make a broad perspective abt MF and Investment.
@vijaygb definetly there will be a question on why u left your job, but if you are able to justify as to why you left. There won't be any issue. there are guys in our batch who were in same situation a few were asked justification rest were'nt even asked the reason. So it depends upon u , to which direction you take your interview.

Be prepared with answer, and remember joining or leaving a job is your prerogative and give the reason why u decided to leave the job.
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@Estallar12 hehehehe

Outliers are always there, what I have written is in general.

* Conditions apply
@siddalv Yes, Essay writing will be on the same day.

IIFT is very particular in conducting its process. Schedule would be like this:

9:30 am : Essay 20 min

9:50 - 10am : Tea Break ( They do give Tea and Buscuits )

10:15- 11:15 am : GD

11:30 am onwards : PI ( usually a panel has 3 members: 2 Profs and 1 alumni ) may last from 5minutes to 30 minutes.