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Hi Ankit, I am Abhishek Sharma from FMS IRM and I am pursuing PGDRM.
IRM is one of the best B school through MAT. It has two courses namely PGDBM (Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management ) and PGDRM (Post Graduate Diploma in Rural Marketing). With 60 seats in RM and 120 seats in BM. It is known for its almost 100% placement as few students opt for entrepreneurship. The companies visiting here are mainly banking,
micro-finance, NGO's etc. Companies from other sectors do come to the campus but the number is low. The placement season has just started and maximum placement up till now has been 5 Lakhs p.a.:cheerio:
For further information send your queries....

Abhishek Sharma

yash2049 Says
But isse phle ki mai kisiki samasya ka samadhan karun pls puys tell me is it true dat bank of mah came to campus and gave offrs to our 14 well deserved seniors.is it so? Package ki info bhi sahi hai kya.manish bhai where r u

Hi Yash good to see u back.
Which stream did u choose PGDM BM or RM?
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shas01 Says
hello guys ... be a sport ... please try to make this thread active by gigving your responses ... and pls can ne one let me know how is the hostel facility of the college ??and my congratulations to all of them who has been shortlisted for the college ..cheers !!

Hostel is for 30000 p.a. and not know much about it.Contact seniors through orkut.
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shas01 Says
hi everyone ... i have been shortlisted for pgdm course in irm through feb mat ... all other guys joining 2010-12 batch pls reply so that v can stay in touch ...:)

Hi My name is Abhishek and I have taken admission in IIRM PGDM-RM through dec MAT.U can search me on Orkut community named iirm 2010-12 batch.Be in touch.
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Sir can u tell me the newspaper and date so that I can clear my doubt about IIRM strike.Plz help me!

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HI Manish can u give me your gmail ID.
Which branch u chose is it PGDM or PGDM-RM.
We will be batchmates at IRM.

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FEB mat-95.43 composite score-710.5
I did not gv option of this institute was not aware can i still apply
please hlp asap.....
thanks in advance.

Sorry dear this institute only considers those candidates who have opted this institute as one of there choice in the MAT form.
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Hi Manish , can you tell me few books for rural marketing.I want to get the full understanding of this sector.Thanks for your valuable posts.

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chhoti Says
hey abhishek pls let me kno wat didya ask u in gd/pi???

Mam! r u on Gmail I'll tell u in detail what was asked in GD/PI.
ques GD-Topic-"Private not public entrepreise are essential for the development of India"
PI -
1)Tell me about yourself? 2) Why MBA? 3)Why sugar price is rising? 4) How biotechnology will help u in Rural Marketing?
These were the ques asked to me , Good Luck!
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Hi Manish,

I hv read ur post and found the information very useful. Thanks for ur effort.

I got a call from IRM Jaipur, GD PI on 7th April.

I have few questions:
1. Can the GD/PI venue be chnged? Do they hv Bangalore as GD/PI centre?

2. When did u get the confirmation letter for admission?
(hw many days after ur gd/pi ?)
3. Wat amount we have to pay to secure admission.
4. R u joining IRM Jaipur or u r considering other colleges too?

Hi I have taken Admission through Dec MAT 98.22 percentile, Composite score741.
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