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Hi Deepak,

Thanks for the explanation. NO wonder I diddnt know how to approach it as it was a set based question.

Well the OA is B .

Even I think the OA is incorrect or the data insufficient to state the answer is B.


My take for the above set

S = { a,-a, b,-b ,ab}

statement 1:
s = { 1,-1,a,b......} .Other elements can also be in the set .Nt suff

Statement 2:
s = { 2,-2,a,b........} .Other elements can also be in set.Nt suff

Combining both the statements we get S = { 1,-1,2,-2,a,b.....}.So nt suff.

My take is option E

Got stumped in the following DS questions. : Need some detail explanation:

foodcalories per kg|Grams of protein per KG
S 2000 150
T |1500 90

The table above gives the number of calories and grams of protein per
kilogram of foods S and T. If a total of 7 kilograms of S and T are combined
to make a certain food mixture, how many kilograms of food S are in the

(1) The mixture has a total of 12,000
(2) The mixture has a total of 810
grams of protein.

2> S is a set of integers such that
i) if a is in S, then a is in S, and
ii) if each of a and b is in S, then ab is in S.
Is 4 in S?

(1) 1 is in S.
(2) 2 is in S.

Answer will be posted afterwards.


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Hi Guys,

With respect to the IDP fair which is going on from 27 Aug - 7sep, in India
need your reviews as to how worthy it is. The candidates for MBA programme are selected based on IELTS score , GMAT is not mandatory for many B Schools. I feel this certainly affects the quality of the class profile.

What would be your take on this.


How about meeting this weekend, I know its late morning on a saturday to send out the mail. If its convenient .
By the did u guys meet last weekend at City Centre , what was the outcome of the meet.

Some topics I would be interested in which prep material is best, finding out your weaknesses,
networking, in B schools networking in so very important, etc. etc.

SO guys what say, lets meet and discuss.

Hi Guys , I am planning to give my GMAT in few months and am looking at prospects of joining B school in New Zealand or Australia , it would be great if we can get some pointers from people who are pursuing MBA in New Zealand or have completed. What is the profile of candidates who get selected , and after MBA what are the prospects. Guys please give us some leads. Regards, Abhi

Hi Dude,

Count me in. I am just started preparing for GMAT and looking for some good pointers. Planning to study on my own and be part of a study group.
Staying near L.B. Nagar.

Keep me informed.


Lets Rock N Roll !!!

people ...why dont we meet sum time round next weekend ..!!

wecan discuss on

how to fare well in GMAT
profile building
discussions on colleges etc

wat say ?

Hi Guys, Hi to All , Just registered to this site. Taking up GMAT in the next few months. Engineering in E & C. 3+ yrs experience in IT. Worked as an intern in start up firm on the social side. Working in an Energy Start up firm. Love trekking and travelling , rock climbing. Targeting B Schools in Aus , NZ , Canada. Looking for networking with study groups for GMAT in Hyderabad. Regards, Raul