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Dude being an exTSCer, I know getting relieved is not as difficult as you think. do not plead to your Poject Manager/Account Manager/HR that you want to join college on 24th.

Just tell them that you got a college and you want to leave. you can serve the notice period, but you dont want since you want to enjoy. I am sure your manager will initiate your separation process in Ulti****x within 7 days. In case such a thing does not happen, tell the HR that you want early release after some days. Max to max they will charge you 15 days basic salary (which I assume should be meagre).
Dont worry, see you in GL.

GLIM wont allow late entry, but as explained you wont need that route.

Any other queries PM me..

One of my friend is struggling to get relieved by april 24th. She is working in CTS and her manager doesnt want to leave early. Is there any policy in CTS to leave early by paying? Does anyone know abt this??

Hi Varsha,
My friend Shashikala Kannan (10148 got admit on March 20 but she didn't receive the offer letter to her home. Can you please check if the letter got despatched?

Abhinav V

Hey Guys... Chill!! that flashing message is coming since the GD/PI list was released on February 12. its the old one...

agamru Says
can i expect a gd pi call from xime have got 79 percentile in xat ,,,97 percentile in dm and 55 in both quant and verbal?

Your scores are just around the border of the usual cut off of 80 percentile. It depends on this year's trends whether you will get a call or not.
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OA - 29.91
Eng - 60.19
DM - 94.48

OA - 67 percentile

Any chance at all ??

Sorry you will not be getting a call considering previous years cutoffs...:-(
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Placement has been 100 % in XIME since its inception except the 2009 passout batch which suffered from recession. Even then the placement was pretty good with 80 % considering the situation back then. We have very good faculty group with people from industry with lot of experience under their belt. In second year we have very good visiting faculties from industries for specialised subjects.

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shaney Says
lowest package of xime pls

Lowest accepted package in XIME is 4.5 Lakhs.

Batch 17 (2011 - 2013 )
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parvu007 Says
I am really sorry for the mistake. XIME started 17 years back (not 10 years). By saying 10 years I did not mean that it is exactly 10 years - I mentioned only an approximate figure.I will be collecting more data about this institution and placements. Keep in touch guys...

This shows the amount of knowledge you have about xime. Anyways All the very best. XIME is one college that is known for its ethics. We do not inflate our placements figures even by a single point while many colleges do. If you want to market your B school go ahead and do that but do not indulge in this dirty game.
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parvu007 Says
I know about this institution. XIME is a small institute started by an XLRI alumni 10 years back. This is a decent institution, but placements are not good.

Please don come in fake profiles just for the sake of defaming the college with wrong or absurd details!! stay away...!!
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What about sectional cut offs??

and what is the weightage of xat score and gd/pi?? any idea

These details are not disclosed by the college. For your info , few stats from this year's admissions,

No Sectional cut offs!
Overall Cut off: 80 %
Freshers who got thro have a min % of around 85%
Work ex ppl who got thro have a min % of around 83%
Students from more than 20 states are there in 2013 batch.

So once you are in for the GD/PI you can make it if your performance is good. All the best !
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