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Another great show by kathoRs in the summer placement season From a strong base to a growing pedestal, kathoRs feel proud to pierce into the competitive B school market and showcase the best of the talents. And yes as the famous quote goes 'Rome was not built in a day', we are still committed to be the best but yes it's gonna take some time mg

Have a great day Puys!

Summer Placement 's eye view:


Jeevakumar V G @juvenal
If I start my preparation right from today, will I be able to crack any one of this (CAT,XAT,SNAP,NMAT,IIFT,TISS) exams???P.S.: I have 28 months of work experience and this is going to be my first attempt in all of these exams
Anirudh tandon @hdurina
Hey, I have recently been transferred to hyderabad...want to know the best institutes for Cat 2013 prep.I have 2 yrs of IT exp.Plz help list preferable institutes among CL,TIME,IMS or Byju to choose from.I am staying at Begumpet near Lifestyle.
Abhinaba Ghose @abhinavg86

TIME hyd is the best you can have at HYD next could be BYJU

Jeevakumar V G @juvenal
Hi frndz.... what about joining Byju classes now. Is it too late? I am some what good with basics....Plz advice.
Nisarg Vyas @nvyas
Hi Guys, I have mailed the scanned copy of the DD and OOA as it was mentioned in the mail. Do we receive any acknowledgement mail from them that they have received our mail and checked the scanned copy ?
Abhinaba Ghose @abhinavg86

yes u do. if u don't then call them up and request for one.

sravan saladi @ssaladi
Hi friends, My offer confirmed yesterday. can i know how many people with work-ex 4+ in IT are joining in this year??

All converts of the recent wait list please do join the IIM Rohtak Final Converts 2013-2015 Group on Facebook Congratulations!! mg

  • Could you provide the link please??. 08 Jun '13.
Avani Pallath @Chinuzz 136
Could you provide the link please??
rahul singh @rahulsinghcontact
Hey.. I m a working professional. I have started my CAT preparation 2 weeks before with TIME's QA materials. i can give only 2-3 hrs daily and one Sunday also. So tell me do i have sufficient time for CAT2013.??? And while solving TIME's QA material i feel for 40%of the question i can't solve wi...
Abhinaba Ghose @abhinavg86

giving 2-3 hrs daily and a Sunday is very good for the preparation. You do have sufficient time but this does not mean that after reading this line you start chilling with a beer in your hand . Preparation is always less even though you have ample time left. So it is good that you started already 2 weeks ago.

You need to think in detail that why aren't you able to think on the lines of the solution given by the author of the QA book/mock paper, get deep into your head to understand where is the root of the problem. Is it that you are scared to take a particular approach forseeing that it will fail and the time spent on the question will be wasted or is it that you are expecting to get the answers quickly but are not able to match your expectations and you soon lose hope?

For any of the situations above, you need to believe yourself that you have studied the needed concepts for solving that question and using those tools you CAN & HAVE to crack that question, give some time to your brain you can do it.

Solving TIME's QA questions will bring you to a certain level capable of dealing the mocks. The more you prepare a notch higher than CAT's level the more you get stronger. You must finish TIME's material first and that should be your first and foremost goal. Then you can think of solving questions from other books or online sites or old papers.

You are going in the right direction and I would request you to design a plan for yourself so that it suits you well. Other's plans may or may not suit you. For eg: I used to study daily not by keeping a limit on the time but by listing the topics and breaking it further.
Monday - Time speed distance (TSD) concepts + few good solved examples
Tues - All TSD questions from TIME QA book
Wed - Parajumbles concept+ 50 practice questions
Thurs - 100 FIB Qs+ 50 word usage questions
Fri - Mock test + mock test analysis + record your mistakes
Sat - 50 DI Qs + 50 LR qs
Sun - Read a book/ 20 online articles

I used to repeat the time table for the next week replacing with different topics keeping in mind that some portions of all the 3 subjects are covered.

I also had put some mandatory readings on a daily basis like newspapers, word lists

Hope I could help you in some way. I am sure you will do good don't worry. ATB!

For those who are yet to join IIM Rohtak 2013-2015 Final Converts Group on Facebook please do join.

To know more about IIM Rohtak, please watch this video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u97owlzk_h4

akshay @akshay2005
Hey everyone !!! i want to ask how is TCYONLINE test series ... i dont want to join AIMCATs of TIME.... please tell which test series i shud join...??