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Sorry Puys for a late reply but students have left d campus to join their respective summers nd mst of them dnt have access to PG in their offices ..
Talking of results, this week is it ...expect it any time though waiting fr the result is a pain yet just a few days !!

ATB ..nd i hope most of u convert!

guys...Being a part PG DT is a dream of every Puy..coz they have proved themselves over the years ..but what has happened post 2010. "This is unfair" we can shout all day but to no avail. All of you are champion and sooner or later u will eventually get what u deserve.
@ Doc...bro i haven't taliked to u ever but let me tell u something. I dreamt about bng in the big 4 of MBA in india
ABC nd Xl ..last yr wid 99.50 i was denied a chance...dis yr with all my MBA schedule i gave XAT again just to face that panel..to fulfill my wish to atleast see how does it feel to convert the big 4.
The day i went to give my XAT was memorable. Was trying to slip away when my parents get to know nd got a scolding fr wasting my time , money. But i gave XAT fr my dreams.

and boy yesterday i got .. 99.98 yep with all the MBA farce i got that score with godly sectional.

But was DENIED my dream to face that panel and convert the big 4 ..
I wouldn't have joined dat clg fr sure ..M a happy man at IIM S ..but all you dude we all try nd strive to achieve our dreams..some tym we fail.. but as they say we will all get up and win this race..
and all you guys are called DREAM team fr a reason...
cheers and ATB

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Congratulations for making to the second round of the admission process.
I will strongly recommend you to avail the mentorship program in place, Synapse where students from the institute will be taking your individual queries. Regarding selection criteria, IIM S stresses a lot on academic excellence along with a decnt to excellent CAT score which all of you exhibit.
For GD nd PI , you should prepare well as CAT is the easiest thing you will come across in your journey for an MBA (Standard Disclaimer in place :lookround:)
About intake, the class of 2012 consist of 94 student and what it will be in future is known only to the administration.
The class profile consist of balanced mix of experience and fresher with no apparent prejudice towards any profile. your performance id GD nd PI is going to be a make or break thing and you shouldn't get disheartened if your percentile doesn't falls into the elusive 99+ bracket . All of you has more or less similar chances of getting through.

Above all, IIM shillong belongs to the revered IIM Brand and with all my experience i can say , it is infact living upto that status. So make the best of the chance that u have.
ATB :cheerio:

Good to see a meet happening @ bhubaneswar... Keep the PG@ Bhubaneswar flag high and expect a lot more convert than last year.

Somjeet Behera, IIM S class of 2012 will be available at Bhubaneswar in december. Do get hold of him for sum gyan... and do have a meet then..i might chip in as well..


more than a month has passed by and i wish to record all that has happened in my diary which from now on will be a monthly affair...

Started off with a helluva task to choose between b-schools and finally zeroing down to the ONE i am in .. lots of fear, apprehension, excitement,expectation...all kind of emotional baggages you carry to ur eventual alma mater..mine happening to be the biggest brand of india..

Kant said that to have a sense of togetherness in a society or a community we need to have an "evil figure"...in our first week kant was proved right...enormous work load all cause of people in quotes. Sleep deprivation was involuntary , deadlines were never meant to be met..in short "MBA- my biggest mistake" was the plot i would have written. The week ended on an unexpected high:drinking::drinking:...and we joined the fraternity of the "evil figure(s)"...
Week 2 is where you get the essense of this unique college...sustainability, a loosely used word in the corporate was taught and taught well..the week ending with a trip to nearby hills which for me was heavenly..i have not seen anything as beautiful....
The rest of the week was akin kant revisited with faculty taking in charge... OB and marketing was the talk of the town which made us know of all the globe sputtering grads and their origin..

The month that was...will always remain the most beautiful month for me ...friends, a sense of accomplishment and above all a unique oppurtunity to be a part of a college which is still in its nascent stage...the challenges, its culture and contribution towards it....
The first month of a college was not a smile all the way but it gave me a sense of belonging ... Pride.. culture..and a way of life which is to excel


with new season of aimcats, B-school forms deadline and dream team selection,comes a pang of nostalgia...ever since u join PG, two threads are always your dream one...AIWTSAC and Life at b schools...My post on AIWTSAC will be out soon( ensuring its a good read )

life at IIM-ONE is going awesome which is not going to last..Faculty will make sure.. lots happened during last week...talent show by PGP10 and a trip to cherrapunji were memorable... But comeon puys frm IIM S we can make it more active..especially the PGP10 batch...everybody should throw their $0.02 ...not going to hurt ur pockets... Going out to have a cup of coffee...its not that coffee is a rarity across campus but fellow b-schoolers..u wont get it in july at a temp less than 15 C......dats shillong for u


Finally chose IIM-S as my campus and has been proud of the same since i arrived...The first week was hectic where we came to know what really "hectic" is...and when it ended, it was @#$%^& ...yep that encoded message is accessible only to them who wears IIM-S tag

The life till now has been the chillest of all B-school i know but that is temporary for sure ...Prospective student , understand that 2 and 3 week is going to be fun and after that as all elite B-schools say...welcome to hell

The campus is beautiful, the city is awesome and the crowd is cool..so all in aggregate will lessen your misery ..finally an IIM is a tag you will have all your life and Shillong is the city you can probably never forget coz of its scenic beauty... so for me IIM-S seems to be one of the best decision i have made till date


converted MDI...but now seriously confused between IIM shillong and MDI...I know its not the rite place to ask what to choose but one good insight will help me out...Puys with less than 6 days to pay the fees plz help...just want to know how is the presence of i-banks and consultancy firms in campus?? Do they hire in big numbers??

seniors sum insight

"so goes with its image of being laid back and issues of hiring teacher, issues of getting students placed and evn sending students elsewhere in middle of course to other locations for placements"

Some serious allegations here...uncalled for and irresponsible to say the least...

But having said that i also feel across the net most things written about IIM-S is critical and has negative connotations...This needs to be clarified and a better PR system should be in place during the infant stage of this institute...sorry for sounding judgemental but i had a tough time choosing IIM-S for my MBA coz of precisely this reason ... people came up with allegations with clarifications ,if any , were hard to find by...

My $0.02 though based on my research before deciding to join IIM-S and proud of it...the fact however will only be unvieled during my 2 years stint