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hi CtD
how was ur exam
pls share ur experince of the exam pls

anyone havin any prob with fin statement analysis do post ur query will be will to answer
already gone thru it

hi ppl
gr8 to find a site on cfa here
first of all i must thank ctd & arch for hosting the thread
i myself have registered for lev1 for dec06
i am a ca inter pursiung my ca final from delhi
i have a photocopied version of notes shewser06 and of pearson 06 -which is cfa institute published notes and more eleborate than shewser
i am puttin up at delhi so any one interested to form a group for study pls do contact
my id is varma_abhinav@hotmail.com

wiseorotherwise Says
Guys from IBS-Gurgaon, do you have any idea about the new campus coming up this yr? I mean, when will it be operational and all?

what i have come to know that within three months of joinin we will be shifted to a new campus in palm area. right now we would have to report in gurgaon
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one of the member of PG posted the underlying message .....i want all of u to read n verify how true is this....plz post yur suggestions regarding this

One of our PG members whose name i would not like to mention here has
been to the Gurgaon centre and found out that the batch strength has
been increased from 350 to a whopping 700.This is definitely bad news for
all of us ICFAI aspirers.After talking so much about the much hyped
Marketing philosophy followed by ICFAI I feel like I have fallen prey to
the same.Finally went and applied for the loan today.Its a collossal 5.7
lakhs.I could have lived with that money for 4 long years without
working.Anyways these are the vague realities of life and one needs to live
with it to explore the possibilities at some later stage

hi pgite
i have also got thru ibs gurgaon,still thinkin whether to go or not cause i may complte my ca final by that time , also came to know that after 3months the campus is being shifted to palm , cant understand why cant they stcik to one place.
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its sad-bt happens-ull get better oppurtunities:satisfie:

my mp &I; is on 19th , i have similar accads as urs. ie is there is a fall in my percentage from 10th to 12th to grad.
but do not have a good explanation could u help me out pls

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hi this is abhinav ,
i have my mp & interview on 19th ia m also pursuing my CA so i am only in for hybd
would i gain any points for bieng a Ca inter & also havin an work ex in an firm.
pls give me any suggestions u can give me to crack inetrview


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i am just thinkin whether u left anything
it gr8
thanx for the help
well hi guys. my Experience
My PI and Pres was on 6th Feb.
well i reached venue at 5.30 AM.
already 10 to 15 students were there.
registration started by 7.
was given a pink sleep mention my intv at 9.15 and presentation at 10.45.
we waited for chairman address till 9.
then went for interview. process started at 10. iwas second one to go in my batch.
INT EXP( two pamel members. one man in 45 with good sound knowledge and other women in 40)
Me: may i come in sir
int: yes
me:waited for offer to sit
int: said to seat.
int (mamdam): so tell me sth abt urself.
me: blah blah. stressed on hobbies and dream company( IBM and Infosys)
int (madam): what so special abt IBM and infy
me: said all history
int (sir): so ur hobbies are tennis and swimming
me: yes sir
int: which swimmer is said as a very big bird
me: dont know sir
int: okay, who was runner up in australin open
me: marcos bhagadatis
int: he is from
me: cant recall sir, name starting from C
int: let me help you cyprus
int: where is this place
me: no idea sir.
int: what is the capital of japan:
me: tokyo
int : who is vice president of india
me: bharion singh shekhwat
int: he is from
me: no idea.
int: who is president of egypt
me: no idea sir ( i was devastated by now, the way int was going)
int: okay, be calm. it happens. dont take tension.
me: okay sir, smiled at him and mam
int: tell me abt tie break in tennis
me: blah blah(said it, made some mistake in point grading, overall okay)
int: okay thank you very much
me: thank you sir.

interview was over came outside and feel like to make suicide. so many dont know. anyway waited for others in my group. there were around 12-13.
then all said to each othe not to ask difficult question in presentation.
few made there own question and said others to ask these question only.
( few more intv q asked to others: tell five recent current affairs, what usa flag depicit, what does india flag, asked about famous writer to BA(eng) graduate, academic Q, who is remaking sholay, who is FM and Power minister of your state. who is governor, deputy CM, ex-CM of your state. why MBA, why ICFAI, college annual gathering in your college, if rejected then what.)

Presentation statrted at 12
small room with 15 chairs and a OHP.
moderator came( man in 35)
he said you all know about rules. i will not ask question. so its upto you. dont run out of time. all the best.
all of them had different topic in my batch. except two having mumbai floods.
mine was BPO and KPO.
i went second. went good. all of them delivered well leaving one or two.

process was over by 1.30.
so now what to do. we five guys sat at waiting hall and kill the time till 8. we heard many things from others llike, parents complaining for venue, so far from station. we meet one senior of ICFAI who was trying to get enroll us for MS(finance) by ICFAI.
anyway. in all a vry long wait. at last at 8 we were given result. i opened my envelope and got SELECTED in MUMBAI.
well good ending for a whole day process.
left campus at 9pm.

MY advice and analysis
see there were around 550+ student for int and presentation. interview is only for 10-15 min (max). so be prepared to face GK question and acad for fresher and expr for expr person.
i would suggest you if you want to escape from acad question, concr on more hobbies. i felt that they kept lot of stress on hobbies. if its good and interestng. be prepared for it. prepare ur intro very well. include your ideal person, dream company and motto in life. it would take intr in ur fav direction.

for presentation, dont extend your time. one girl in my class was very good in english and her presentation was superb.she would had made to mumbai or hyd. but she took extra time around 6 min. finally she got gurgaon. i felt by intv face he is least bother of content, what matter more was fluency, body language, move your hand guys. i saw his mark sheet. there were around 5 column in it. dont get into argument with your competitors. if other one is making argument, dont respond to him. dont ask too many question. it would irratate moderator. he is there to finish in quick time. ask around 3 to 4 good meaning full question. say your name before asking question to others, otherwise there is no marking for you.

so in last all the best to all of you.

My Queries
how is mumbai campus. when i said about the fees of mumbai to dad. he got 440 V of shock. the fees i s around (5.5lk including laptop and 2.5 for boarding, lodging, mess and other) so investment of around 8 lk. is it worth it. do anyone have number of senior of mumbai campus.
bye take care. Anurag Goyal.

hi anurag thanx for the help,
i have my interview & mp on 19th of feb ,
i would still like to ask u if u can tell how much stress is given on ques from acads
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