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has anybody received the interview call letter by UCO bank ?

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Anyone here appeared for NICL (National insurance company limited) interview?
If yes, please post the experiences.


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plz chk result for this roll number:24570111
id: MB08207680

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hi junta..feels delighted to see such a useful thread on FRM...i have also made up my mind n plan to give FRM in 2008..can somebody tell me when to d registrations open for 2008 exam?

NITIE, Mumbai
Management Batch of 2009

Hi ankit,
Me too looking for taking FRM in 2008..

Abha Srivastava
Dept. of. Management Sciences,Pune Univ(PUMBA)
Hi Abha,

People are known to switch colleges after completing their entire first year there.
A batchmate at IIM Indore has just joined IIM Ahmedabad after completing his first year here.
So you first term seems to be a no brainer.

Go ahead and take up the seat.. its money not wasted but invested.

All the best

thx pranav for ur quick reply..act i was in fix becoz a lot of mny is at stake.but ur suggestion is really helpful..i just want to confirm about the brand value of "pumba"..thx agn..
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hi guys n gals,
i m in a grt fix so need ur help urgently..i m presently in first sem of icfai,hyderabad(mba-regular)..i have already investad some 2lakhs..nw i m hoping to get call from PUMBA(pune univ-MBA)...plz guide me that is it worth leaving icfai for PUMBA..?i really m in a dilemma..icfai is too costly n fees is approx 9 lakhs/2 yrs..but thats not an issue..just suggest me which one wud b a better option.reply fast..

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hi this is abha srivastava..
Selected for MBA-AB(merit no 10)
snap score : 68.50
Xth %age: 74.80
12th %age: 82.11(PCM)
Gradation(BCA) %age : 68.33
2 yrs experience as a marketing executive..recently selected in Karur Vysya bank..

M still undecided..seniors need suggestion that is AB a good course to specialise in as i have no exp in that regard/field..m from computers background..

Thx in advance!!

I also took my icfai gd/pi on 7th feb itself..m sorry to post it late as just after returning i had my SIIB interview scheduled..I have been alloted ICFAI Hyd campus ..My experience of the procedure:::
My MP topic was "Ethics in Advertising"..went excellant, had prepared it long before so was knowing all the aspects..i had prepared 6 slides...my take is that number of slides hardly matters, wat matters is how many n how fast u cn handle in the stipulated time..coz in my grp there were guys wid only 2 slides n they too handled the MP in an nice way..then 2-3 questions were put,not by the moderator but by the students only...
Note for those who have this MP topic:A girl having the same topic was asked by a(woman) moderator"do u think surrogate advertising is ethical?"surrogate advertising means promoting ones products in a hidden way or on the name of other products of the same company..for ex-Kingfisher(promoting its airlines but together its wine also which is hazardous),wills lifestyle(promoting its apparels but together wid it its cigeratte brand too)...i hope i m clear...
now my interview...it lasted for 5-6 mins..i m from computer application background(BCA)..was asked questions from my academics n all..
1)what is polymorphism(Computer-related)
2)what is OOPS,difference in c/c++
3)some questions on my grad. project
GK ques
1)tell the name of new qperating system launched by Microsoft recently...
Ans:Vista(hope i m right)
2)capital of Sikkim:Gangtok
3)5 businesswomen leaders from india along with thier comapny name
ans:i said...a)kiran mazumdar shaw(Biocon)
b)Indira Nooyi(PepsiCo)
c)Naina lal kidwai(HDFC Bank perhaps)
d)Ekta Kapoor(Balaji Telefilms)
e)Vidya Kochar(i dint remeber the company name so escaped it smartly...:satisfie: )
4)recent developments in Delhi(as i m from delhi)
i told...metro,ceiling drive n all...
thats all...hope it helps...

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thanx for the wishes dude...am already placed

hey neelabh,
i sent u a pm..please do reply
s1000ux Says
hi everybody , i just wanna know abt indira college , it is in pune . and plz tell me abt its plcement also . thankyou . waiting for reply

hi all,
Results of 03 sep'2006 mat are out...
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