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With the increase in seats ( 60) , is there any iota of a chance that the students who were not there in the WL after being called for Immersion, may get a call at a later stage?

NamitAgrawal Says
What about boys hostel? What is the tradeoff btw taking the hostel and living somewhere else? Food and internet quality kaisi hai hostel mein?

Boys hostel is not worth staying. You can easily get a cheaper accommodation in flats with all the facilities you require. Only plus point about the hostel is that the food is decent. But that too is not a major problem in flats as many students opt for a cook or a tiffin service. Internet quality is also not that great in the hostel.
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yes, there is a hostel for girls, Infact a 5-star hostel just opposite Big B's Bungalow! 3 ppl in a room.
At a distance of approx 2 km ( 10 min ) from the college.

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mishtyJones Says
how bout HR NMIMS vs SIBM....??

Kindly refrain from such comparisons on PG! Else the mods will have to deal with it in a harsh way.
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Did Google and Microsoft come to SIBM for finals this year?
If so what role were they offering?

I have my GD/PI for NMIMS and GIM on the same date 29th Feb
NMIMS-- 9:00 AM (Vile Parle)
GIM-- 1:30 PM (Mumbai Central)

is it possible to change GD/PI Dates for NMIMS...as GIM has said no change in dates.....
Does NMIMS entertain students if they want to change dates????

I am confused
what should i do???

Send a mail to ftmba@nmims.edu and enquiry@nmims.edu requesting them for a date change. You need to send a scanned proof of the reason for which you want to get it changed.
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Hello Seniors,

I need to how to go about the SOP.Should it be just 1 block of statements(450-500) stating why Mba?
Can you please throw some light on it.


Structure your SOP on following lines ( approx 300 words)

Para 1 : Why MBA?
para 2: Why you should be selected?
Para 3: Why NMIMS?
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atulnanda1812 Says
I sent a mail to reschedule my GD/PI....I have not got any response yet.......Should I write the original date that was allotted to me in the form? I hope it wont create any problem in case they later change the date of my interview...

After personally talking to admission department, I was told that all the date change requests will be looked into after 18th. And in the form you can write the original date alloted to you. That wont be a problem.
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Try and get them attested by any Gazetted Officer in your locality and not necessarily from your college authorities.

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jainisha Says
How come it's not written when I see my result page?? N we have to send the letter and score card print-outs from the website itself right?? Or have you been mailed any call letter?

The Score card and the Call letter have to be taken from the website.
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