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Ya CFA will definitely add to your profile. (also expect some tough questions in related field )

What about someone's who's Cleared CFA L1 and is sitting for the HRM interview :D! That's my case. Would it go for me or against me?

Thanks for all the help guys. You've been very helpful

Need help from the HRM Seniors!

The question that's really bugging me right now is "Why HRM?". What do you feel is the interview panel looking for?
I was thinking of going with an answer, explaining how the course does sound very interesting to me and how on reading about the courses involved and talking to seniors and alumni, feel that I would enjoy studying it.

How many people actually have HRM as their primary goal prior to receiving a call? How do most people justify their interest in HRM, especially engineers and people working in the IT industry? How honest can one be WRT having HRM as their "PRIMARY" goal?

I'm sorry if I sound too inquisitive!

Seniors please help!
I had sent print-out of the confirmation page for both XAT & XLRI on 11th october. On logging , it shows that my XAT application form has been received but not my XLRI application form.
I had sent both the forms on the same day via DTDC. Dont understand how one has reached and the other hasnt.
And, the number given on the website isnt working.
What should i do now?
Please let me know the admission office's number.

I am facing a similar problem. I had sent the confirmation pages on the the 17th of October and they reached on the 19th (according to the courier tracking). Its been a week and i still have no confirmation of the receipt on either websites. I wrote to the admissions department but i have received no reply.
How long does it take for them to confirm the receipt?
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i m unable to upload my signature and thumb impression after repeated trials. emailed to help desk but no reply.
Is there anyone facing the same problem?

Use Internet Explorer. The same happened to me while using firefox. It'll upload successfully. Also make sure that the file sizes are low and dimensions are appropriate.

Has anyone been able to successfully register through the online payment route? THe money has been debited from my account without any confirmation and no refund has been made. I wrote a mail to the admissions department without a reply. Any ideas on how to resolve this?

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The Laxmi guy says he'll get them in November. Schweser hasn't come out with their material yet. It's up for Preorder on their website as of now.

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yeah...spot on....Schweser covered everything comprehensively except the Alt. Inv part.

I got >70 in all sections except Alt Investments, in which i scored
Same here man! >70 in all except Alt. Investments. Didn't realize Schweser was the culprit
I am just starting the preparation of the June 2011 Level 1 today. (Yeah I know many people will say its impossible but I'm gonna try to make it possible.) I have a commerce background and am quite comfortable with basic Accounting and Finance concepts. For the next 20 days I am going to do nothing but prepare for CFA.

However, I really need help with a gameplan. I have only registered for CFA and haven't looked at any websites/books yet. The resources I have with me are the official CFA books and 5 volume Schweser notes.

Can you guys please help me as to what other resources I need, other websites or posts here that guide with the basics of preparation and how I should go about it. I also have the Schweser video tutorials and can someone tell me if watching them would be worth it with what little time I have left. I am defintely better at watching videos than reading books.

Dude! You have some guts man! . I'd suggest you look at the topic area weights and study accordingly.
Give more time to areas like Ethics (15%) which you wouldn't have read about. I am an engineer so i don't really know what all you would've studied. But i guess you would be very familiar with Financial Statement Analysis (20%). Also spend some time on Derivatives and Alternate Investments (10%) because most people find this section to be tricky. Study from Schweser itself. You have no time to go through the official stuff.
Best of luck (You need loads of it!)
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Waitlisted at 1455 after a pretty good GD and PI. Looks like my low percentile (96.98 ) did it for me. Any low percentile guys got in?