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how relevant would doing a FRM be for me given that i do not have the requisite 2 yrs of work ex..i am in my first year of MBA at SIIB pune and plan to specialise in finance.

i have also heard of the ICFAI PG Diploma course in Treasury and Forex Risk Management. Does anyone have information on it.. how good is it??

Thanks in advance..

I called up SCM yest.. and the lady who picked up told me that there has been no movemet. though they have received a couple of cancellations after the IIM res etc.. but its not enough for them as of now to start clearing the WL .. sigh...
also if the aicte rules of Rs. 1000/- deduction are implemented we can expect delayed cancellations by some merit list students..

Still Still hoping for the best...



Me wl no. 16. as has alredy been mentioned..
just to add to karanec's post.. WListers please also mention if u are still interested in taking up SCM or if u have converted other colleges

I would take it up, given a choice that is.. :satisfie:

any updates after the IIT/IIM results ??


hi aanchal,

Are you still able to edit your application or is it in read only mode?

If its in read only mode, it means that your application has been submitted.

If you are still able to edit it, ensure that you havent entered " or ' (single or double quotes) anywhere within your application. If you have, remove them and then submit again. (Just to be sure, dont use any special characters at all).

Hope this helps.


Thanks.. have been able to submit it .. awaiting a positive response now :)

When did you apply?
if you do not receive an email with your appln no. pls check with me again.

i applied on april15th. i did not recieve any email. i emailed helpdesk@spjain.org but didnt get any response.
actually after i checked the 'i agree' box and clicked submit the screen didnt show any confirmation and even now i can access my application.
can u spot the problem. i want to submit my app asap.
Thanks again.

double post

hi. i need a little help here.i have applied to the gmba prog june intake but havent as yet recieved my application id.. what should i do ??


there has been no news on the waitlist on this forum and as far as i know it hasnt been cleared this year(april 10 update on the website)..despite my repeated attempts of calling the admissions (no one picks up there) and mails ( they havent been replied to !) of knowing the wl status..
@Seniors or anyone with the relevant info..
can you please clarify as to how high the acceptance has been ?? it surely cant have been 100%.. Are there still any chances for waitlisters like me..
this lack of transparency on SCM's part has now begin to raise many doubts on the admission procedure.. SCM is a premier B school and i expect it to live upto its name and give us aspirants adequate explanation for this unusual trend.. (i understand that the situation varies from year to year but still... ) I sincerely urge the students team of SCM to raise this issue with the admisnistration at the earliest..


Tough tough luck.. was WListed at 52 ..
alas this year has just brought a spate of bad results....

Any chances of another WL coming out ???

exactly my point abhay.. been trying to contact admissions but there is no response.have sent them a mail..will wait for the reply.

this uncertainty is killing me!! please seniors help us out...