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Bye Bye NITIE. You have been so kind to me :)

Got refund in 20 days :)

call this number for queries. It is nitie acccounts section number

..Hurray.....Converted IIM B in the second list..Lone call does it all..:cheerio::cheerio::cheerio:
couldn't ask for more.:drinking::drinking:

Congrats man :)

Will be great if u can tell ur category, and ur wl as on 11th april

Actually the link wer waitlist gets updated is the same as the link wer the results were posted on april 11 ? or some other link ??

And is there anyone in general who got dinged initially , and then made it to IIMB in subsequent lists ?

Terrific work by FMS.

Surely PI,GD,Extempore is the deciding factor . Cos i have seen guys wit my score getting in, as well as not even featuring in waitlist.

It would be great if all B Schools have this transparency.

PS : WL 128 wit CAT score of 99.45.


Till wat number WL for general given ? Any chance of a new list ?

Converted IIM Indore

After so many rejects , so happy to get an IIM convert !

Its time to:cheers::cheers::cheers::cheers::cheers::cheers::cheers:


Important info :
1. Extempore was absolutely extempore . They gave no time for me to prepare. They told topic and started the timer
2. GDs generally turn fishmarket, as 10 ppl speak at a time. Be careful in that
3. Panels are separated category wise. 3 for General, 2 for OBC, one each for SC,ST
4. Dont expect that lot of ppl won turn up due to ABC Results. 12/14 attendance in my panel (PS:General panel)

5.From New delhi metro, take orange line and get down at "Delhi Aerocity" for Terminal 1D. From Terminal 1D, there are a lot of cabs for just Rs.30
6. Slot timing s are changed.


First ever IIM convert in my life !!!!!!!!!

Converted ABM

So happy

But someone suggest which is better NITIE or ABM

Pl Pl comment


Wen are ABM results expected ? Why is it taking so much time to publish results for 30 seats ???!!!! A lot of ppl will opt out as per trends of last year. SO there is hectic wait for waitlists also in ABM. Seniors pl tel. Any idea wen it ll come ?

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Wen are ABM results expected ? Why is it taking so much time to publish results for 30 candidates ???!!!!