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It's been five months since the last post in this thread and yeah our 2nd trimester is over and we are mid way through our SUPA. Cheers!!

Yeah I applied but I got not mail from either college or RBI, looks like I was not selected :p
@Krisbala where is your interview??

That 80% criteria will only make one person eligible from our university :p


CET score: 139/240

State general merit number 704

Can i expect KJ som??

My All India Merit Score is 136 and All India Merit No is 477.

What do they mean, if anyone could explain it to me I will be really thankful to him/her(though it might sound a silly question but I have no idea what do they mean)

All India Merit number and All India Merit score is applicable for the All India seats that you apply through CAT/CMAT.

BTW my state general merit no. is 706 which colleges do i stand chance for??
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Yes for first 2 queries

Did amount deduct from your account ? If yes contact institute. If No try different browser, delete all cookies of browser, clear temporary files. If still same error than there has to be some issue from college side.

Hey thanks for the quick reply man..

I entered the details again and it shows my form ready to be printed!!..

So i need to send this to the Institute with the Photograph right??

btw with 98 percentile do i stand a chance??

Are the ILS seats filled with merit??

and do they have the same fee structure as that of the MMS course through CAP rounds????

And i am getting the Internal server error screen after i made the payment?? what do i do??

gs4890 Says
guyz what is the website for donloading any kind of game from torrent ?

Well try google its very effective :biggrin:

anyways what say about this??

EA Crysis 3 Official Announce Gameplay Trailer (HD) - YouTube

I think list has moved by 27 :/

i wld like to hav some info abt d dress code in xime.. are casuals allowed??
also abt d hostel(boys) life..

Dress code for XIME is Formals from tuesday to saturday and the XIME uniform (Gray suit) on mondays.