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@paritosh712 said:
@nmims_core Any final word on the "payable branch in Mumbai " Sir?
No need of branch. Only "Payable at Mumbai" will do.

Some interesting and important Bollywood facts are attached below. Please have a look

Hello Friends,

Please refer attached document for some of the important committees of India. Hope you will find it useful :-)
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Hello friends,

Attached is the list of agriculture revolutions in India. Questions have come from this in past SNAP papers. Hope you will find it useful :-)


An image from Business line listing changes in FDI limit in different sectors.

Hope you find it useful :-)
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@Satz_PO said:
@Sidharth.s This is not complete list... Where is multi brand retail, Aviation, Broad casting etc.... these are most recent FDI policy related decisions...
@Satz_PO Thanks for pointing that out. But this was deliberate. We will be posting the sectors in which FDI limit is changed in the recent past. We feel that from exam point of view, changed FDI limits in particular sector holds more importance and need to be dealt separately.

Hello Friends,

Attached image lists the FDI allowed in various sectors in India.
Hope it helps for your IIFT preparation.