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Photo Credit: robnguyen01 The Common Admission Test (CAT) exam has also seen its share of impostors. PaGaLGuY confirmed the news with two former CAT Convenors, Prof Himanshu Rai and Prof SSS Kumar, who admitted that th
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What! No anti-NM comments yet! Slow-day Monday.

Apoorv Pandit @Apurv
The buzz inside b-schools this year is, that 2013 is the worst placement season Indias MBA programs have ever seen, worse than 2009 even. We are trying to reason this years peculiarly startling results of the PaGaLGuY B
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In times of too much flux people are probably backing proven classic brands(IIM/Tatas).

pagalguy_news News Service @pagalguy_news
Three-year part-time MBA courses at the Faculty of Management Studies (FMS), Delhi University may soon be converted to Executive MBA programmes of two-years' duration. A proposal to redesign the part-time MBA courses at
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Is it only my browser or has PG switched to the Georgia font?!

Got PGDM-FT at Ghaziabad campus but I already have NMIMS Core so the waitlist moves by 1
Congrats to all the call getters, rock on
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Name :- Hari
Place:- Nagpur
Working\fresher (age):- 43months/25
Gender:- Male
Smoking:- No
Drinking:- :drinking: Only if I have good company else I am as dry as any teetotaler can be. A vegetarian who can eat eggs and cook good chicken :-P
Any other requirement: Proximity to college, fewer no. of flat-mates.
Merit No. 175
Final Score: 55.61.
NMAT Score-217
Congratulations to all the admits.
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i got the mail too:banghead::banghead::banghead:
and it says we will be considered for indian campuses...but i don't know this is like a huge blow..:nono:
keeping my fingers crossed and hoping for the best..

Why is it a huge blow?! Stop panicking, the mail clearly states you may also likely get another admit from G or for that matter N or H.
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This interview is for the course: (BM or HRM) HRM
Other calls: (other XL calls, other institute calls): XLRI-BM,SIBM-P,NMIMS,MDI
XAT percentile:99.54
Interview Centre:XIMR Mumbai

Educational Profile
X: 82.26
Undergrad Major - GPA/%age: 61.25 :banghead::banghead::banghead:
Any other professional certification or course undertaken: Nothing relevant

For those of you interested Mihir and I were in the same group yet look at the difference in opinion about the GD and the diversity of questions asked.
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PaGaLGuY Editors @thecuttinged
_(*Photo:* Aidan Jones)_ A little late in the day, but it's here nevertheless: *PaGaLGuY WAT-GD-PI Connect* is now live and ready for use., with IIM Calcutta, NITIE Mumbai, VGSoM IIT Kharagpur, IIM Indore, New
Srihari Rao @Sarka003

Disappointed. Too little, Too Late.

This interview is for the course: HRM
Other calls: (other XL calls, other institute calls): ISB-Hyd, IMT-G, MDI, XIMB, SIBM, SCMHRD, NMIMS-Mum
XAT percentile: 97.88
Interview Centre: XIMR, Mumbai

Educational Profile
X: 83.6
Undergrad Major - GPA/%age: 65.5
Any other professional certification or course undertaken: Nada

Work profile (if applicable)
Number of months : 43
Sector/Industry :Telecom
Special achievements at work : Couple of Awards, Int. Exp
Other differentiating factors (anything great that you have done in life, that's out of the ordinary) : Too modest to claim anything great

Regarding GD/Group Exercise
GD/GE Topic: (only if you had a GD/GE) CWG is a criminal waste of resources for a developing country
Number of participants: 8 Present, 3 Absent
Duration: 2 min prep, 10 mins GD with summary of 15 secs
Brief snapshot of discussion: The best GD I had till date, great group members who chipped in with good points. I started the GD with a good point but don't think the panelists noticed it because they seemed preoccupied with arranging papers. :|

About the panel
Panelists Intro: SS(Shantanu Sarkar), SP (Snr. Prof), LA (SS lookalike)
Some words about the panel and its general behavior/conduct: As expected. SS was snickering when I was being interviewed by SP and LA was snickering when I was being questioned by SS.

PI Questions:
Totally random. All the other 7 members had unique interviews and posting Qs here would only further confuse aspirants. Be ready for anything, it was the most well read panel I have ever faced-even better than that of ISB.

SP-Srihari....Sriharikota...Do you know any other kotas?
Sarka003- Yes, Kota in Rajasthan/
SP-What is it famous for?
Sarka003-Coaching institutes.
SP-Anything else?
Sarka003-Can only recollect Coaching Institutes sir.
SP-(Made some joke on Kota Coaching institutes)
SP-So you are from Nagpur...Do you know _____?
SP-Well, where do you live in Nagpur?
SP-There was a Tata meet in Ngpr recently, what for?
SP-Answered about a beleaguered Tata industry in Ngpr and further questioned about the reasons behind the case.
SP-(Talking to SS) Made some comment about Ngpr being cosmopolitan being the center of the country. Had a feeling he was strongly connected to Ngpr in some way.
SP-Where did you work in Singapore?
Sarka003-Answered. Further questions on my co. in Singapore which led to questions on some policies in India.
SP-So if the policy is so risky/loss making why does the GOI persist with it.
SP-Persisting on the previous answer, what do you think about the policy, give me an example and what would you do to reform it if you get into HRM.
Sarka003- Was in the middle of answering it when he interrupted and said he was impressed and made some harmless jokes again.
SP-Continuing on to the questioning trend he asked me about some policies
Sarka003- While answering I used an incorrect term and was immediately corrected by SS who by now had stopped snickering and was listening intently.

SS- Gave a statement and asked me to speak for 2 mins on it as an extempore.
Sarka003- Blah..Blah..Blah when SS asked me to stop and said good.

SP-What other calls do you have?
SP-Why were you rejected at ISB?
Sarka003-Spoke about my lower level of work ex compared to the average and the competition including from a colonel.
SP-(Talking to SS) Seems pretty focused to me (This in retrospect looks dicey because they might think I cannot give the same level of commitment to HRM)

LA-Most of the questions from LA were on telecommunications including some CBAs.

These are the only Qs I can remember as of now, will edit if I recollect further.

Interview duration was exactly 20 mins. In my opinion it went well.

Any other details that you think are relevant: None
Your advice for future aspirants: None. Totally random, nothing can be expected. Go with an alert and open mind.

Verdict: Rejected.
__________________________________________________ __________________________________
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