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Sent the mail to all PGDIM convertees around 3.30 - 4 AM today. Please check your email id with which you registered for NITIE.

Mail to PGDITM convertees have also been forwarded. Kindly check your emails. Congrats :cheerio:
hantan Says
who told you that there were 25 seats in the first place? was it stated in the brochure/website/official communication?

please have a look at Varun's reply...

Suneet, I hope my last post solved your enquiry.
If not pm me, we would have discussion on it.

Seniors here are trying to answer each and every query with lots of patience. It was unintentional to skip yours.
Suneet07 Says
please seniors reply...this is the 4th time I am asking this query....pleasssseeeeeeeeeeee


As per my logic, 2 seats are reserved for ST and if u see the LIST, no ST candidate has been selected. So, that why the seats are 23.
Only ISP vacant seats can be converted.

FYI, for your senior batch also 23 seats were there.
Like in ISEM, will the seats of ISP in PGDITM also be converted to General Category?
I suppose there are 5 seats for ISP in PGDITM and only 2 are shortlisted.
will the rest 3 seats be converted to General Category seats?

Hmmm , First of all , I like the way you want to increase seats and not want to lose a single opportunity for that. Good observation

Last year, We have 5 ISP students applying for ISP seats. Hence, there was no dropout. In this year, the scenerio is different so it may happen that these seats are converted to general category. But all decision would be taken by management. SO keep your finger cross and dont keep any notation regarding the same.

PS : If that would be the case ITM call ratio would be change from 1: 7

Hello aspirants. ...

The link on the website would again start working in evening. Please check it after few hours.

Regarding all other queries, we would come back to you asap.

best of luck.


1.Does NITIE have sectional cutoffs?
Yes, as per last year trends NITIE have sectional cutoff. And I assume it would be the case this year.

2.I mentioned PGDITM as my 1st preference..can this be changed if I get a call ?

After GD/PI call is out, NO CHANGE would be there on preference.


I am back in campus and just had a talk with authorities. They have informed that most of the status has been changed and can be checked at NITIE Online Admission Portal . This process would be completed within a week or so. So be little patient. Also, they are sending the brochure to each and every one whose form has been received. Brochure would be received at the address written on address slip (send by you).
Further, those who are still concern about their form receipt, kindly pm me your details. I shall check and revert.
Best of luck for results.:cheerio:


:cheerio:Its a New Year!:cheerio:
Wishing All The Puys A Very Happy New Year

New Year pe ek meet to banti hai:biggrin:
So seeing the activity on FB i think a meet on 2nd Jan at CP after XAT exam at around 2 pm will be a good deal to start with.

So puys be there to enjoy the decade's first PG meet .

Again a Very Happy New Year:


I am planning to come for a meet after a year .. .literally
Goood to hear that vivek and vineet sir aka quantasorus could be there.

But I still remember last XAT meet ..

Hope this time the cold weather would not be spoiler
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do u mean that a mechanical fresher have least chances to do the course?

As told by Varun, it is not the case that mechanical fresher has least chance to do the course. Just that, you need to be more convincing while stating why you want to do management course and that too in IT management, when your background is not particularly align to this course. It becomes an easier task for an IT background candidate to justify his answer.
Some profile like mechanical, biotech, electronics.etc (non IT) are there in this course, so there is no least chance for any one. To add on, even I am one of them. :biggrin:
So, don't have that preception when you are going for PI prepartion, just you need to allign you goals with past experience & academic in order to crack any interview.
Hope this would help.
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HI all seniors.
It has been mentioned in the thread that for PGDITM profile is also considered.
But i was looking at the student profile and some of the PGDITM students were freshers.
so how is the profile analysed for a fresher, maybe his /her college projects or whether he has a cse background.
but that sounds very trivial to be considered as a suitability for the PGDITM course.
in short if profile is considered while calling then wat cud be a general criteria for doing the same.

P.S there are plenty of official threads of various colleges but u guys are doing the finest job.
all the queries are answered accurately , timely and with loads of patience.
evn the most irrelevant queries have found nice replies.
Kudos u guys have made NITIE stand out on pagalguy

Ok, Great question.
Good that you have started you analysis on what the course requirement is :grin:
For PGDITM course, only way to get GD/PI call is through CAT percentile.
There is no preference to fresher or Work Ex aspirant during that phase.
After getting a call you, there are bound to be preference to aspirant who has experience in IT sector. As there have fair idea regarding the working atmosphere and expectation from the course. So, during the GD/PI for experience candidate, their knowledge regarding these would be tested. For freshers, they would be evaluated on the points like there inclination toward course, background and whether they would be fit for this course if selected. So, to judge these points the best idea would be to evaluate on points you have already mentioned i.e stream, final year project etc. However, for other streams students or work ex student (not in IT), there answer to why this course could be crucial.
These are some of the points on which panel may look into. I hope above analysis would help you and other ITM aspirants.