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You active buddy? Long time no see

Saniya Makhijani @saniyamakhijani
@Sammael\- Happy happy birthday !!! :mg: :smiley: :clap: Have a nice year ahead:thumbsup: :smiley:
@Estallar12 said:
Reality is better than dreams! Yeah Sir!Thou (CAT) shall feel the annihilation that is bound to happen!
Thank you for mentioning CAT in the brackets there, for I was scared for my life there!
@ankitrocks said:
Welcome Sir. Well, I didnt follow DT closely this time after so many heart breaks in the past. But yes, idea is good. DT should have 11 players and no Dhoni. Dhoni se yaad aaya morning I am going to see the God of cricket play for the first time in my life. Excited.
Hope it turns out to be a good field day for our team! :)
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@Estallar12 said:
Haha!Hell Yeah. But then we strike back hard!
Oh that we do! And getting only better with time! :D
Wish you all the luck next year man!

No matter how screwed up the normalization may turn out to be, make it irrelevant through sheer annihilation of the examination that CAT is!

Haha! thanks again!

And about time they stopped having DT captain as a post - bloody 5 times in a row.

@ankitrocks said:
I hope this fellow was able to break the curse :|
As for me, a good marketing role is what I'm hoping for. Let's see how it turns out! :)

Haha! arre bhaiyya trend hai sab! Pehle doc ne kia, is baar to iska karna banta hi tha! :D

PS: Is baar ka DT captain kaun tha?

@ankitrocks said:
Sir. We are expecting Diwali for you. All the very best. Treat dene ke liye aap zyada sochna mat. I will manage. Indeed. Joka is the Priority. Beast needs a serious beating this time.
Thanks rahega dost! And treat pakka, sochne wali baat nahi :)
Good luck rahega tumhe bhi!
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@ankitrocks said:
Memories are yours, Sir. Where are you joining then?
Let me get a job first! the festival begins the coming week! :)
And memories indeed Beautiful memories are what I'm gonna take away from here!
I say crack the beast next year and make it to Joka! would be the best thing you could do!
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