@SweetAngel1988 You can apply via both XAT as well as CMAT !!!
You will have to pay separately for both the exams...
However you register only once through CMAT even if you are giving 2 attempts..
And highest of the two will be considered

Hope this helps
Avinash Jha @avinashkrjha
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Nothing can be said on that !! Quality of the students is important..
But it should go by the trends of the previous year .....

Get back for further query
@royscore Sorry to disappoint you ,but please post in relevant threads !!!

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@harry89 Decent chances ...My advice is apply for sure
All the best !!
@ayush5791 Although nothing can be said about the cutoff's as yet !! but your score looks good
Lets hope for the best !! U can easily improve in the feb attempt

All the best

7500 applicants (6950 XAT+550 CMAT).. 1800 gd/pi calls (1600 XAT+200 CMAT)...

@drelito The All India cutoff through XAT was around 77.XX so for Goans it was around 62.XX
Please note this is just for gd/pi calls !!!

Get back for further query .
Avinash Jha @avinashkrjha
Happy Birthday @S86 .. Have fun.. :grin:
Good to see this thread started up !!! All the best to all the applicants !