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Well the placecomm is still helping them to get placed and thats all I know. After graduating from IIM you have a lot of options outside campus as well.

Infact this method of students left unplaced is not very uncommon( last year at IIMA the entire placement process was delayed coz a single student was unplaced for a long time.Similar things have happened at other IIM's as well.) If the placecom wants it can force you to take up any job which you dont like but its not a practice being followed at IIMI.

It is written in one PDF document which gives you the criteria for shortlists and evaluation of a participant based on his/her WAT/PI.

I am telling this again and again, please don't speculate about the results. It will come out when it has to. 10th May is tentative.

I must commend these hardworking IIM Indore students for their efforts at being prompt when queries are asked even though their summer internships are in full flow. Kudos to Rohit Sir and Nayas Sir.
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Check out last year's WAT/PI experience thread here


Thank you for the link Rohit Sir
Lajwanti D'Souza @laj
?One of the new kids on the 'IIM' block, the Indian Institute of Management, Udaipur (IIM-U) sure makes a pretty picture. The peach-coloured building that houses IIM-U looks rather regal on a cold winter morning. The ear

Congrats to IIM U ! Serious MBA aspirants please disregard the above comment #1 as elitist. There are plenty bschools offering an IIM like experience even though they may not be IIMs.

Since time is at a premium here I shall speak in bullet points :biggrin:

1] Yesterday was the formal photoshoot day, AbhinavKhullar (guy with the previous post) had a lot of first years go to him and ask for a job. A few second years overheard the commotion and did the same :P

2] Beautiful campus, the pictures I saw before coming here (albeit great works of talented cameramen) could not do this place justice :biggrin:

3] You don't just learn here you learn how to learn

4] I have never been in a group of more talented and diverse people in my life. Everyday has the potential to surprise you, thrill you, demotivate you, invigorate you

5] I am late for a TON of submissions goodbye for now

Question for 6th July :

This is a question of lighter vein.

Which is your favorite gadget among the things you own and any gadget you plan to own in the future ?

An android phone

Its just like an apple phone, you want something done? There's an app for that

except most quality apple apps are paid, you get the same free of cost on an android platform :w00t:

and the handset costs a fraction of a price, and can have a faster processor :w00t:

changed my life forever
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It's really a personal opinion.
I don't think every BBA+MBA in the country goes on to be a better manager than an engineer+MBA

They would if the BBA was from an IIM not always (since you can never make that generalization) but it seems logical

@Abhimukh: saar I still at home not joined my alma mater yet I will probably be one of those who sulks about his college you never know

PS: I never meant the best managers will be made by this course, in fact an IITan who goes onto work for a McKenzie and then gets into IIM A is just one example of a 100x better manager. I just wanted to state that a lot of resources time and effort wasted into 'in the middle' degrees will be saved and that would be a huge plus for those getting through
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5th june

The biggest fraudulence or loss of something or cheat inflicted upon you.

p.s-Asked a question twice in a row, as i have a very interesting story to share, recollected it just now

Well its not the biggest but it comes very close

I logged in to PG to see what the latest PoHIII question posted was and all I found was this guy who posted a question for the second time only because he himself had a story which he wanted to share...

I felt cheated hehe
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I think admission process is based on class 12th marks and PI , so DU cut offs will be challenged for sure :)

25 lac is a huge investment :)

How does one know , one wants to do MBA , at the age of 16-18 , entrepreneurship is what we need , very correctly pointed out , but would like some data on entrepreneurship from IITs or IIMs , and even another aspect of data would be at the age of 22 , after spending 25 lac , how many would have the resources to repay loans and think about increasing financial burden
and starting up businesses

Yes its a lucrative market , IIMs will cash in , i feel IITs will start integrated MBA courses soon , as they already have the system of MBA and Engineering present , and at a much lower cost , beware IIMs :D

Not really, 12th is just a min. qualification in order to appear for an aptitude test (AT) and then there is a PI, think CAT for teenagers ;D

I wish I had this chance

This is also going to prevent a lot of 'wastage' that happens when people do a bachelor's in varied streams keeping in mind that they must do an MBA afterwards. It saves those years, by targeting the first 3 years in building a solid foundation for an MBA.

In a few years time I expect it to be a tougher entrance competition than even the IITs. Even budding IITans will say why risk not getting into an IIM after an IIT due to a normalized cat and other factors, and why not just assure one of the best 5 years of education that this country can provide.

^^^ vsc2008 made a superb point which is another huge plus

Its only a matter of time before the other IIMs follow Indore. This is because I think a 5 year IPGP can make a better manager than me (engineer then PGP)
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Just wondering, is 'fav flavours of Lays chips' a euphamism for a particular new fms student's personal items =D

Ps: someone on PG just told me about the hidden dynamics of the dream team that I never knew about

PPs: last spam ever =D

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coolaby007 Says
hey even i have got a call from IIM Raipur but i have taken admission to IMT-G.. confused as to what should be the decision...

My personal opinion (my if-I-were-you-advice) is that you should give your best at the GDPI. And in case you get through IIM Raipur, all I can say is no one ever regrets getting through an IIM.