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Not selected bhai...since there was no good news,thats why I didnt post anything...:grin:

CONGRATZZZ RAKESH.........waise Canara mein to ho gaya hai tumhara but still....

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are bhai koi baat nahi main tumhari feeling ko understand karta hoon abhi baaki hai bahut bank lage raho

are sagar bhai dena ank maim aapka hua kya please share the vood news with us

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Please check the tone of your posts..
my comments were in no way religious or "petty",and regarding the previous post about muslims..i was merely clearing the doubts of a fellow puy "retribution"..
and let me tell you one thing VERY CLEARLY,i will not stand this kind of harassment in future..this is a public forum and everyone has a right to speak.
NO hard feeling BUDDY..LETS close this chapter here in mutual good will.

as far as my doubts are concerned there are none regarding this govt and particularly congress party, hence dont need to clear them and i have no doubt that congress is a pseudo secular party
buddy..pls treat me as a secular indian who only wants a fierce..unbiased leader at the centre.
anti sikh riots was a great tragedy..but it is seen as a rajiv gandhi's revenge against the sikhs..for the murder of indira gandhi n not congress's desperate attempt to save a vote was the case with gujrat riots..where BJP clearly stands accused.
RAJIV GANDHI will never be forgiven for ANTI SIKH riots..but it would be unfair to blaim congress for a personal failure..a party is what its leaders make it.
n yup you are right congress's muslim card at UP election..was a cheap one..but such is the politics bro.

buddy believe me i am the most secular person that the country can produce

but what i want to say that congress has as many skeletons in its closet like bjp if not more

and believe my muslim friends have themseleves said that there is no greater enemy of muslims than the congress as if they were so concerned about them then why is their condition so pathetic after so many years of congress rule.

but the tragedy is lately secularism has been presented by congress people in particular by saying bad things about hindus announcing muslim reservation having dinner with muslim leaders who are extremist by view.

guys taken 2 trailer is out this time brian mills is gonna go nuclear on albanian ass

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certainly that would be my priority one..once i become PM:)
i wasnt justifying a particular
party..anti-sikh riots can be looked upon as a personal retribution n not a communal was an exception n can not BE TERMED AS A VOILATION OF PARTY'S secular label..ITS MORE OF A PERSONAL revenge of a leader dan a POLITICAL policy fault.
gujrat riots on the other hand was clearly a planned massacre of a religion vote bank driven party.

but can the congress be condoned for the anti sikh riots because it was personal retribution i simply then cant understand the difference because sikhs got killed and many more were displaced and i had all the markings of the policy failure.

And the sikh riots were also a policy fault because if it wasnt why was the police not able to protect them and why even after making provocative statements like the big tree one was not a single punitive measure taken against rajiv gandhi.

The sikh were persecuted in a planned and controlled way by the use of official machinery.

I see the anti sikh riots as a greater failure of the indian state because these riots were happening in the capital of the union.

And regarding vote polarisation nobody tries harder than the congress as was evident in the up election where they created a sub-quota for minorities and got a shoe smacked across their face first from the public and then recenty from the andhra hc and then the supreme court.
Pm should be a secular candidate,buddy..we can not risk a RSS,provocative,war trigger happy this stage..

Nitish kumar can be agreed upon but Narendra singh modi..seriously..a man grossly accused of Gujrat riots,a planned massacre of 2000 men,women n children..
India will never forgive him for that.
For the past few years Narendra singh modi has been quite busy..desperately,clearing all this n his hindutva image,by bribing maulana n maulvis,conducting sadbhawana yatras n all..on a very large scale.
it seems like he bribes newspapers n media to change his public opinion..just because he knows that a hindutva candidate can never become a PM of india, youth of this generation will never allow it.hence,all this showoff of love for minorities..specially muslims..whom he wounded deeply.
Gujrat has seen a glorious growth under has bihar under nitish kumar,although Nitish comes under NDA coalition..he can boast of a far secular image than N.s modi..a far better pm candidate.

then by that logic congress should be disbanded and be declared a terrorist organization because of the 1984 anti sikh riots and people should lynch congress leaders let alone forgive them.

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