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Congrats everyone who made it to planet I For ones who are waitlisted keep up the hope.
Finally for the ones who didn't make it , I hope you guys have better things in store.

It says.. ypu have been provosionally selected... That means no waiting list right...
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81.8 cbse 2004
86.6 APboard 2006
BE IT 70.15% 2010 pragati engg college

Work-Ex: 14 months TCS

CAT 2011:

Quant 82.01
Verbal 99.82
Aggregate 97.51

Extra acads : quiz, essay writing, technical papers, movie making, olympiads..

Any other special thing abt u:

Interview & Essay

Venue: bangalore
Date : 27 feb 2011

Essay :
Topic:No culture lives, if it is exclusive.
Number of Ppl present: 11
Time: 15 mins
Brief Snapshot of the attempt: Almost a fish market at times.
Everyone spoke. 3 or 4 people were good.
I Spoke 4 to 5 times.. 1 or 2 good points

Rate your preparation(0-5):0
Rate your performance(0-5):2

Panel Members Intro: One lady(L) and one guy(G) (both are young.. about 35)
L: what does your name stand for..?
ME: told smthng..
L: Tell me ur intrests..
me: I told putting up a busines.. (:| i kno it was dumb).. i was nervous actually.
L: I meant INTRESTS..
me: yeah mam, i watch movies, read novels..
L: wat have you read recently?
me: Girl with the dragon tattoo.. read many sidney sheldon's.. harry potter
L: oh did u like the last part..? is she coming up with a new book? what does jk stand for?
me: answered them well :)
L: future of india in next 20 years
me: told her in the economic perspective.. fdi retail.. opportunities and all..
L: why mba?
me: told..
G: tell me about your job.. the work you do..
me: told briefly..
L: so you are good at GK (had some prizes)// who is the president of poland?
me: NO mam.. :banghead:
L: ok thanq.. :wow:
Rate your preparation(0-5):3
Rate your performance(0-5): 3
Any other relevant detail.

VERDICT donno.. 6 new iims also take the same results.. so keeping my fingers crossed..

Puys.. Please give some honest opinion..


quant: 82.01 :-(
VA/LR: 99.72

OA: 97.51 :)

can i expect any calls???

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My cousin vinny
12 angry men
October sky

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Total No of Seats: MCS: 23
Cutoff last year: 63

Is the cutoff out of 75...? Is this calculated by adding up the normal sectional scores or taking 25% and 75% of the sections?

thanq bro.. Cutoff is 63?? u mean out of 75??
Is this calculated 25% and 75% for the respective sections??

thanq bro.. Cutoff is 63?? u mean out of 75??

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Any idea how many seats 'media and cultural studies' has?
What could be the cutoff for it...?? :lookround:

Somebody pls tell me

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Can somebody tell me how many seats are there in Media and cultural studies and what could be the cutoff...? :lookround: