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Stop 'Mad'aming me. I ain't Madam. . @miseera
@Obsessed_bout_mba @ashish13dec Happy Bday Mates :grin: :grin:
Raghu @Obsessed_bout_mba

Thanks mate.. your ping got me back to PG after a really long time...Thanks

My Autumns

Company - Mahindra & Mahindra for their Leadership program GMC (Graduate Management Cadre)

Group company interned - Mahindra Auto

Function - Supply Chain Management

Stipend - 30k/month + Air fare + accomodation for outstation students

College - SPJIMR, Mumbai

PPI/PPO - Got a PPI:-P

P.S. Posting on PG after a long long time...

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Shreyans-The rock star! - ACL
Go CATing-Not far behind! IIML , NITIE :thumbsup:
rajesh_p: IIMA
vijaynarayen: FMS
hantan - NITIE :cheerio:
ajaigovindg: IMI(HR) :cheerio:
naren_aumech: XLRI
iamnutty: IMT-G :thumbsup:
invader: IMI :cheerio:, MDI waitlist(good luck man :thumbsup:)
vinoth_ceg: BIM :cheerio:
subha_shree: ICFAI Hyderabad :cheerio:
subash_r : NITIE :cheerio:
Tortured: Great Lakes :thumbsup:
hari_87: IITD, NITIE WL :)

Wow...Congrats Chennai...the converts are better than the last 2 yrs (AFAIR)
Congrats and ATB for your first year...

Time to :drinking: as the rat race will continue once you join ur respective institutes...:grin:
hello seniors, can any1 please give me some info abt operation mgmt????
the companies coming 4 placement nd the avg pkg of the students with operations as their specialization????
is thr anything like ppl with engg background cn do well in operation mgmt????


naruto uzumaki rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SP Jain operations is one of the best in Asia...ppl who come in have excellent profiles and they get excellent profiles during placements...

If you have engg background, you will be able to appreciate the subjects more...but if you have relevant work ex to compensate for your non-engg background, it should be fine
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Hi ...A lil off the track...
How was the placement this season...It was supposed to be on 24th-25th...Do anyone have some stats...If not...did the avg sal increase from 10?

Placement stats will be put up on the website in a few weeks..you can take a look then...
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hi seniors
it would be of great help if u tell me that do i stand a chance for second list purely based on cat. not selected in first list.

cat oa 99.77
di-99.5 +
qa 99.5+
va 92+

my profile is as follows:
X- 92.6 %
XII- 79%
B-TECH- 72.5
decent extra curriculars.
just worried abt my va percentile.
plz do tell.

Your score is good...but cant tell now as it depends on other ppl's scores n their profiles so plz wait for the second list to come out..

Its difficult to speculate and nobody who is answering your queries here will do it for obvious reasons
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Thanks a lot guys for the wishes....

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Congrats and all the very best to all the call getters.
Will answer GI related queries as n when I bump into this thread..

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Hi All,

Small help required for one of my assignment..
Plz take some time and fill in this survey


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Happy birthday dude...

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