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laughable logic.


arsenal scores nothing if there is no RVP(or Fab)
Madrid is nothing without CR7, etc etc.

Hope u are getting the drift. Each team is built around a certain player, that doesn't mean the team is nothing without that individual.

P.S. : Was loving the feud between NT and ashish, from a neutral perspective

Rito, missing your deep blue-ish (there is some lighter shade around these says so had make it clear) arguments.

btw, nice have you back...
Pighead and Boos are same thing? Figo's contribution to Barca is far greater than Gallas's to Arsenal. By the way, it was you who started respect and ethics lesson of Catalans. Their repeated statements like Cesc is on loan, is in jail for a player in contract is very well justified, supporters waving inflammatory banners too.
Mourinho & Ronaldo are ****. Do you remember this banner at Camp Nou. It is the respect which you guys show to rivals. And lastly, dont remind me of players like Busquets or Alves who respected their opposition player by getting them sent off or racially abusing them.
So better keep my holier than thou attitude with yourself cules.

YouTube - ‪Dani Alves Diving Against Real Madrid CL Semi Final Pepe Red Card‬‏

When it comes to Madrid it really makes me sick to see such biased views.
About all those allegations you posted, did you ever try to see the counter-arguments to them? Probably you have not else you won't be posting this here buddy.
So, if you want hate BARCA, you have every right.. but better you keep it to yourself gooner.

P.S. Btw BARCA never claimed a trophy for "holier than thou attitude", at least I haven't heared of, but they certainly try to bring something to the game which many of the teams can learn to.
P.P.S. This is my last post on this topic. Period.
P.P.P.S. It is laughable to see the nervousness of red and white fans over a departure of a single player. Even BARCA won't be that nervous if they were to loose Messi.
First of all, William Gallas was never standout performer for us.He is a decent player,nothing more than that.
I know you respect players like Ibra who has been vocal about Pep in recent past.
Yes, your respect for Figo was exemplary. PIGHEAD. I hope you remember. You have compared your guard of honour to SAF with boo of Gallas.
SAF is the most successful English Manager.He has won everything that club football has to offer. He is respected everywhere.
But Gallas left a club to join rival club. What does he deserve.

Aaah,, I think the case of Figo is well explained by you yourself when you write about your idea about Gallas.

Btw, when I wrote I never thought that I am putting SAF and Gallas at the same podium. Unintentional that was.
So Fabregas never wished to play for Arsenal or leave Barca. Wasn't that transfer with player's wish.

Why dont your players,your administrators give a thought for players like Merida. Why you guys remember only successfull players .Cesc may have ended with Barca B had he stayed with Barcelona.

That is what I meant. In BARCA they set the standard pretty high and only a 11 can get into top11. So what happens for other 49 guys (La Masia has a batch size in the range of 60)? They have every right to choose their own path.

Not a single player you mentioned have done anything incredible at big stage. They have been overrated massively by fellow cules. First let them reach the level of Xavi. Players like Gai Assulin also do have Barca DNA. you forget them easily.
BTW why do your players comeup with Cesc and Barca DNA crap if you dont need him. Give me a single Cesc statement where he has said he wants to leave Arsenal for trophies.

I never said they are established but we see them high in the ranks. As I mentioned among 60 guys you don't find 60 capable of playing for the best. Guy Assulin was not among the bests.When he came he had shown the potential but never fulfilled. So it seems like we have to give all 60 a fair chance, and to some extent we give by giving them B team. Now if they don't do something to bring the spotlight to them what can we do? At the same time if another team shows interest in him, he joins that one. Its win-win for everybody, isn't it? Is it not reasonable to give chance only best 20 - 25 the first team chance at a particular time? Or is it possible to asses a 16 year old all the time?

and about forgetting the ones who served the team... ok let me tell you .. We respect all our previous players even including the likes of Hleb, Chiggy and Ibra even if they have not done incredible for us... but we all have seen how one french defender of Spurs were booed by Red and White fans a few weeks back (who happened to be their standout performers for years).

We do have enough respect for everybody .. just check how Barca including PEP gave guard of honor to SAF in CL.

P.S. Barca DNA is not a term coined specifically for showing how CESC fits in Barca. Its a term each and every successful La Masia grad can relate to. Now if you call it crap, it does not become a crap or does it?
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So Fabregas deserves only 15-20 starts a season. A world class CM will have only 15-20 starts in the season and that too in less important games.
BTW in the same world ,injury ridden Kaka is world 50+ ,27 year old Torres is worth 50 and a newbie striker is worth 35. So anything less than 45 million should not be accepted. And we neither need Afellay whom Barca purchased for 3,4 million nor unwanted Bojan. 30 million + Mascherano is okay for me.;) and remember you never know Barcelona,they are no way better than RM or City when it comes to transfer.
I remember van Bronckhorst being played in midfield at Arsenal but he never settled here. But Wenger of all manager never lets his players go for loss. Fabregas was part of the deal. And yes if Barca poaches from other laliga team(5 players from espanyol),no one points finger. Why double standard with us.

Arrey champ ... one thing I must tell you as far as I know Barca recruits player at 12 - 13 years of age when probably youngsters don't even start thinking of professional contract. Fab/Toral/Bellerin was recruited at 16 when in any other EU country, except Spain, a player can get professional contract. So when they take player from Espanyol no fuss was over there. About Kiko .. I think it is the player's wish as well. He has already spoken to to his agent about his desire to play in Barca even knowing that he will end up at B team.
By the way, I don't mind Fab/Toral/Bellerin/many others in present and future moving out of La Masia for professional football but I mind if somebody denies Barca DNA. We train them and we shape them. It is something Barca has tried since Cruijff's time consciously and sincerely.
I am really not sure how many teams including your favourite one has that philosophy and tried that constantly over a period of time. Thats why it is Barca DNA.

and about CESC... honestly ask any Barca fan 80 out of 100 will say they don't need him. Because we have replacements lined up in the form of Sergi Roberto, Thiago, Doeulefeu and Rafa. and I think Barca will not go above 30 + Bojan (with loan or perma-transfer with buyback clause). It is more of CESC's need to win trophies than Barca's (Look at Masch). XAVI can maintain this form for another two-three years. By this I never mean Arsenal won't win any trophy but a PL or CL may not be in immediate future.
It was no doubt the best match of this season if not the best final
(pool v milan 05)
Barcelona played really well great passing dominated the midfield completely .SAF needs to sign a midfielder to replace scholes.I don't know why he signs young player hernandez could n't even get the ball and even valencia was very bad.Ronaldo was a dream signing.Next season i c mancity winning the EPL .
For MADRID Nuri sahin and oezil will make a good pair .I don't know why they signed altintop he is not that good and after having enough midfielders wth they signed him.Coentrao wil be a good addition to the side will replace poor albiol.
Barca in current form can easily win 3 CL title in 5 years and if they find good replacement of xavi and iniesta they can easily equal the record of madrid within 7 years .And no 1 is going to bid for priceless messi
Arsenal will miss cl spot if they don't reform their squad or change their manager

I don't know as like many other, Why Madrid needs Coentrao. Don't they see they have Marcelo. Coentrao is particularly excellent so is Marcelo. In any case if he comes Marcelo will become a Benz and that will be very sad for football lovers.

This kind of polarization of stars really making this game predictable if not boring.

By the way, no one is talking about Spartak Moscow duo Willan and Doglas Costa.I think they will be Europe's top clubs this year. I just hope their talents have not gone unntoiced.
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I dnt rememebr much but i will still try to explain as much i can as per my memory..!!

Yaar u cnt offer a contract untill a player is 18 in Spain but as per British laws English clubs can sign EU players at the age of 16 by a proper contract. so if u sign a contract with a player who has been part of other clubs academy then u have to pay compensation for his Youth development thats it.. its nt a transfer fee its rather a minimal compensation around 1-2 M

Arsenal promised him more apperances and he went to Arsenal.. Same is the case with Toral.. as soon as he turned 16 Arsenal got hold of him before Barca could give him a pre contractual agreement or even think abt it

P.S. its kinda poaching and not ethical as pple say but i still think its a smart poaching move financially for clubs in order to avoid huge sums of transfer fees for young talents..

Thats precisely the reason Fabregas moved.

When one is a Barca youth product he always feel unsecured due to the contractual complication as well as first team chances. Unless one is highly backed by Barca management young guys feel unsecured. For example Thiago initially was of mind to leave the club this summer but then he is backed hugely there. Now he wants to stay. As with Toral he comes after Doulefeu, Rafa etc in terms of rank. Hence its ok for him to move. But the biggest prospect Doulefeu, despite having many lures decided to stay and now thought to be the next super star from the backyard.

So I think its a mixed reason not solely contractual most of the time.

Also about Neymar saga... there is a huge chance that he will come to Barca just because Pep is not a manager at Barca and he only can ask for a guy, not decide. It is learnt that Pep has given two requests Rossi and Fab. Fab is his first choice. On the other hand Rossel wants another Dinho. His choice is to bring Neymar to Barca. Probably Rossel - Neymar and Pep - Fab is the combo thats going to happen. More so when Pep is more than likely to leave Barca in near future if not this summer itself.

Also, I don't know, but I feel Aguero has a less chance to go to RM instead he has a fair chance at Chelsea as Chelsea is the only team I see who can pay 45 million or nearby and can guarantee him top class football (I am not undermining City on its purchasing power but it doesn't have that big appeal yet for a player of Aguero's status).
I have only one thing to say. Barcelona have 4 CL title and Real Madrid have 9. So you guys have only 5 titles before you overtake Real Madrid.

As they say every dog has its day.

PS : You better not distort names like this and get banned

As I said, I may be a cule but still I respect Real (Many of my fav plalyers played for you). All I have against you, is against your coach. Nothing pesonal buddy !! He is anti-football and that is IMO and I think I have that right.

I wish you come back strong next year ...

P.S. I know PG rules.
P.P.S. We were never an underdog, forget about Dog. May be calling us a dog can earn you a ban. Please don't act as sore losers. Real is more than that.
P.P.P.S. I have nothing to accept that Real is the most sucessful club in the world and most illustrious. but this is our night, please allow us that space and respect it.
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Dont get me started on this

When Barcelona can play well why do they need to play act. Never the less Madrid will teach a few lessons to Barcelona next season.:D

Oh yeah!! I never posted on those issues any day, just waiting for this day. Play act ??? Better you research little more about your coach and how he clinched all his titles.
Don't get me wrong buddy, I have nothing against Real, even I always wanted Real to play like original Real (the Real of Zidane, Figo, Ronaldo Sr.). I am a big fan of them. The real Galacticos.

Its on your face Mr Moronho... try it next year.
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nayas Says
No crazy ref decisions. No playacting. Why the hell didn't this happen in El Classico.

Ask your coach ... Mr Moronho