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Lajwanti D'Souza @laj
In a bid to reduce pressure on students in b-schools, the Human Resources Development ministry's Curriculum Review Council has drawn up a rather extraordinary list of 'things to do' as compulsory activities from this aca

Same trick would not work every year.. everyone knows about it..

Apoorv Pandit @Apurv
Millions try to learn business, but rarely does the world produce individuals that business learns a volume of lessons from. Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple Inc and one of the greatest businessmen-innovators to have ever lived,
AnkurKejriwal Says
Hey congrates dude . btw wats ur real name ? :):)

Dude..I am the one who was supposed to be your room mate at the first go...

Got selected finally with good rank in merit...

In the document given it is stated that we should have the DD with us, but that would be used only if the admission is secured. What if a candidate is not selected ? Can the DD be cancelled ?
And also need to know if we would get the DD from any bank in Pilani campus itself.

Pls help seniors.

Seniors...Plz answer this querry, Its important for us..Also can we avail loan from Central Bank at the same time or we need to carry the DD with us? Please someone answer this question..
@rkp33...ya u will find bank officials there at time of registration,I myself also have taken loan from central bank of india, this bank offers 0.50% concession to BITSians, take care of following points if u want immediate loan:
1. be there with your father ( with two passport size photos and id proof of both )
2. income tax return photocopy of previous three years.

Do we have to carry DD of Rs 92000 with us OR is it possible to get the loan sanctioned on that day itself to pay the fee to BITS?
PLease tell..I have not got the loan so far..I was thinking of getting it from some private bank..plz guide.
simplyaha Says
weird question: you folks think we can make do with a tablet instead of a laptop for a MBA? any experiences?

never buy tablet for MBA purpose..they are not designed for the work load as in MBA..
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thanks for the call..it was nice talking to you 457

Lost d path to heaven- where else have you secured admission? Even Im in a similar situation where i will let go off 1.5 lakhs if i take up bits...please brainstorm...
p.s how do we send p.m to each other?

u can send me a private message...or call on 9811556042.
the minimum cutoff are not released. I got a call at 127 marks. But this is not the final score. Later they take RC, GD and then PI.
Final list is decided on basis of composite score.

Hi Hemant,

You got a composite score of 127 or was that the score only in MBA test..
I got 42+107, So Do I stand strong chances of getting selected..

Please reply & tell me as I have my penultimate option of joining MBA in my own college closing on 23 July 2011.
Where 1.5 lakhs are at stake, What should I do?
Shall I take a courageous decision of asking fee refund?
But What If I did not get through BITS?

I guess, our many seniors may have been through this situation..as BITS is following same model of taking admission from many years..
What is the best way out from this perplexing situation?
Plz guide...
Other seniors may also comment plz..