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Count me in this time

Dear Sir,

I have just completed my graduation and have started working with a leading management consulting. I have a few questions to ask:

1) Am i still eligible for YLP?
2) If I apply for deferred admission, what all factors would be taken into consideration while judging my candidature? Would my position and domain be taken into consideration?
3) Do I need to have a high GMAT score than others to make up for my lack of work ex?
4) In case the dates have already been passed this year, when would the process start next year? (Tentative dates, in case it hasn't been finalized till now)


@[562370:chetso]: Thanks for reverting back.

Since I am new in this league, could you please quote a range of GMAT scores that ISB has accepted till date?

Moreover, I have already graduated this year. Is YLP still open to me?

Hi Puys,

I was wondering if I could get some info regarding deferred admission into ISB?

I've just completed my graduation and have landed myself into a job in a leading management consulting. Please let me know all the relevant details. Is there any means from which we can get out profile evaluated?


Captcha daal daal ke jaan nikal gai. :/

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@Predilected said: remainder 3^268/22=????

Should be 5.

3^5/22 becomes one and hence 3^3/22 it should be.
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27 ...

let x y z be 13p 13 q 13r resp.
p+q+r = 9
but each of p q r has to be +ve
put p' = p+1 ... similarly for q and r
p'+q'+r' = 6
so 8c2 = 28 ways
but when all are equal i.e at p=q=r = 3 x y z wont be co prime

so total 28-1 = 27 triplets

The HCF of three natural numbers x, y and z is 13. If the sum of x, y and z is 117, then how many ordered triplets (x, y, z) exist?

a. 28
b. 27
c. 54
d. 55

let the numbers be 13a,13b,13c
13a+13b+13c = 117
a+b+c = 9
8c2 = 28
- case when all three are equal

Arre bhai log,

8C2 kyun aaya? Koi please explain kardo
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Apoorv Pandit @Apurv
_Ranked 16th among US business schools by BusinessWeek, University of North Carolina's Kenan-Flagler Business School is popular among Indian applicants and accepts a median GMAT score of 690 for its MBA class of 298 seat
Kunal Vohra @Kunal21

Just a small question, Bcom type degrees include 3 year B.Sc degrees from DU too, right? Good to see US schools opening their gates for 3 year Indian degrees finally!

Lajwanti D'Souza @laj
_Satish Chandra Buriuly, student, IIM Ranchi class of 2012_ You could call this a different kind of 'rags to riches' story. Only, there were no rags and there are no riches either. Satish Chandra Buriuly's sto
Kunal Vohra @Kunal21

Very inspiring! With no intentions to spark off the same old debate, I'd just like to add that these kind of people deserve to get ahead and make something for themselves. They deserve to get ahead and see all the other(Read: Happy) side of life. But IIMs except for C and R would not realize how he reached here with 51% or 50% but would simply look for numbers in any candidate's profile. That applies for anyone be it a general, OBC, SC or ST candidate. There's something called Random Component in life which you can't predict and is inevitable. Sad. Attaboy Satish. Do well. ATB Kunal V

B.Com (H) from DU, 3 yrs work ex in advertising. Am lookin at the top 15 in the US. Might apply to R3 of one or two but mainly targeting R1 in Sept for class of 2012-14

Hi, Just wanted a quick check on how can you apply in top 15 US B-Schools with a 3 year Indian degree? Most of the univs in US demand a 4 year US equivalent i.e a 4 year Indian degree or a 3 years bachelors + 2 years masters.

Wouldn't you face any hindrance due to this?

How do you plan to bridge the gap between a 3 year Indian degree and a 4 year US degree? I presume you just have a Bcom(H) from DU.

Thanks :)

P.S - I too am sailing on the same boat. Still contemplating my options for bridging the gap. A little insight into this would be of great help.