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vivekmohit Says
I just wanna know if actuarial science certification is of any advantage if u r looking for front end role?

not even in the slightest.
There are many books that you can refer to like Investment Analysis & Portfolio Managetment by M.Ranganathan & R.Madhumathi.

You can check more about certification in IB from Copal Institute Copal Institute | Copal Institute or SIB (School of Investment Banking) School Of Investment Banking.

For Copal Institute refer to below thread on PG:
http://www.pagalguy.com/forum/other-...-research.html (Official Thread for certificate in Financial research by Copal Institute)

For classic investment banking, refer to the book Investment Banking - Rosenbaum & Pearl. I can think of no better book. Regarding the institutes, I honestly cannot say anything positive about the Copal Institute or the School of Investment Banking. The first school is a relative unknown in the fin-services landscape of mumbai and the second is not taken too seriously even among the lower mid-market shops.

Also, regarding education, a CA works a little better than getting a BE, to get into a strong IB shop.

All the AMBAs I know have a masters degree, not having one would severely disadvantage / handicap your application. If the admissions office says that it is a prerequisite, then it is one. Sorry about that.

Does it mean that I am not eligible to apply for the particular course??? Bcoz, I dint see any such requirement anywhere on the site... Everywhere it is mentioned that it is ideal for a candidate to have Master's in Math / Science...
Is there any other way how I can be eligible to apply for the course??? I really was very hopeful of pursuing MBA from Cornell :(

Do you have a masters degree?
Hi Mani, Jamiroquai,

Could you pls help me clarify, if it is MUST for an AMBA aspirant to carry Master's degree in Maths or Science, OR even an engineering graduate with 10+yrs of experience also qualify for the course????

Thanks in advance!!!

I think the best thing for you to do would be to write to the admissions committee to ask them. They're usually very responsive when it comes to general questions of this nature.

(Hope i answered all your questions. The information shared was the best in my knowledge & accept my apologizes if any information is incorrect )

Mad-Head has been doing some phenomenal work here on the thread. While I am usually too jammed to be able to get on PG and reply to posts, Mad-Head has been doing so with great patience and excellent information. Hats off to this great guy!

Mad-Head: If any of your posts are inaccurate, I'll write an errata section below your post. But I haven't needed to, thus far - that's been some great info!
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Are modeling questions asked in the telephonic round? if yes? of what type? And can you help me with some sample question(s) please?
Generally who takes the telephonic round? HR/senior bankers/some1 else?

Any other relevant details or advises are gratefully welcomed. I am damn nervous, so please reply ASAP.

PS : Moderators, I have also made the same post in 'Why Finance' thread. Pardon me please as I am desperate and need help urgently. :D

1. are modeling Qs included in first round
-> basic finance and accounting questions may be included (not always). I don't know what a modeling q is.

2. who takes the telephonic round?
-> HR or an associate level banker
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jasah Says
hi, i m pursuing mba finance. Can u plz tell me as to which topics should i pay more attention to have a strong base to get into investment banking.thanks.

corporate finance / managerial finance
law - contracts / securities
accounting - basic gaap accounting, also try getting a higher level accounting course which deals with deferred tax assets / liabilities, AROs, etc
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