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hi guys,

best of luck for the gd/pi process... hoping to see many of you at the campus this August.

Hello puys,

I want to appear for FRM L1 examination in May 2012... can someone please tell me if Phillipe Jorion 6th addition notes would be enough to prepare for the exam? Which other notes do you guys recommend? Please let me know as I need to know urgently...

Thanks in advance...

I miss those days when I was preparing for CAT and even CET... even I love to stay up all night and I can study better in the night... but life has changed after getting in We School and due to assignments and projects and even cause of the location, things have changed and I can't always stay up late...

Anyway... to all my Puys who are working hard to crack CAT and other exams, especially in the night have my full support! Give it all that you got fellas! Once this time goes it won't come back and you will realize the importance of this time once the scores are out... believe me... you still have time... GO FOR IT!!


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PuY aka PG 420 Says
Still going on....backdoor i suppose. Why u interested?

I received a call from them on the 13th on merit... not backdoor... I've also heard about people getting a call even after the course starts in August if the seats vacate... ofc management seats are there but they're even allotting seats based on merit.
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Oh a test series I have certainly joined....Byju's sir's online program....
But I didn't go for classroom coaching because of some personal problem...
Anyway I have TMH books...full of amazing shortcuts (specially "percentages")
See, we are all graduates, or will be by the time we appear for MBA entrance, and I think that any CAT aspirant worth his salt should be familiar with the theory and concepts. And practice is something that is best done "home alone", so where is the need for classes?
However, I think that the test series is an absolute MUST, otherwise there is no other indicator to gauge your relative performance and get a feel of the exam..I mean how does one come to know which section (QA/VA/DI) does one attempt first? fact 2 test series are recommended...

All said and done, Verbal ability is a concern..big concern...I mean the Para Jumbles and FIJ questions just seem as intuition based to me..I am simply not able to tell between a Judgement and an opinion...

I agree with you... at the end of the day, irrespective of whether you take classes or not, it all comes down to how to prepare at home by yourself... one can crack CAT without classes but good study material and focus are the pre-requisites to succeed. If you join classes but don't practice at home, it's of no use anyway.

Good Luck Puys!
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arunschumacher1 Says
i dont want to goto bangalore...... coll is good as far as i have heard but since im from mumbai its expensive there.....

so bro you going to give one more shot next yr? do you have any other converts??
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Congrats!!... shouldn't matter what others think about WE bangalore so long as you are interested in joining...:p...n got in because you worked hard for it 1st..n got some divine help...:p...people's wishes come later...:p...

Enjoyy your time in Bangalore!! place to be...:p...n ATB...

thanks a lot gas bhai... made me feel so much better... :)

and yea... congrats for JB!!!
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alpesh89 Says
m so happy for you ig :)... Chal ab partyyyyy... Aur han mat le placement ka tension :p.. Ja enjoy kar hostel life

thanks a lot bhai... it's because of your wishes and support that I could make it... finally hum dono ka ho gaya...
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dude, finally ur dream came true, u wanted bangalore only, u got bangalore

congrats :

yea bhai... thanks a lot... placements ka kuch tension nahi lu na ab? Just want to know what you think about We Bangalore...
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