Find 3d + 2e, where a, b, c, d, e satisfies:-
2a + b + c + d + e = 6
a + 2b + c + d + e = 12
a + b + 2c + d + e = 24
a + b + c + 2d + e = 48
a + b + c + d + 2e = 96

is it 181???
Puys if possible can any1 upload the qs paper..
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Can u please share the summer placement details of the PGDISEM current batch
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[image] _(Photo credit: US Army)_ In Logical Reasoning, very often we encounter problems based on games or tournaments. The first thing that as a CAT taker you need to realize is that the tournament-based format of questions offers the examiners a multitude of options to test you ...
Thanks a lot sir.. I always have a problem with tournament qs..
How many 3 digit numbers exist such that
a) When divided by 11 or 12 they leave a remainder of 7 and 8 respectively
b) When divided by 33 or 24 they leave a remainder of 29 and 20 respectively
c) When divided by 7 or 8 they leave a remainder of 4 in each case