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SCMHRD SCMHRD @Dexterous09

and d only person who clicked on "No thanks" actually belongs to one of these bschools :P:P

kamal8782000 Says
source of info????? man please dont give false hopes

please chck scmhrd's last yr pg thread...u wil get the idea
kamal8782000 Says
hey do u know ...... did they had 3rd waitlist last yr?????/ and any guy still in the 2nd waitlist or all converted?????

yes thr were 3 lists last year...hope for the same ths yr too

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U ppl are really crazy...
'Patience is the Virtue'...

then why r u refreshing this thread multiple times in a min :P:P:P
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the ace Says
Also, when will I receive the confirmation email regarding my admission?

i guess you already took admission in sibmp..why r u so worried nw :)

btw no confirmation mail..u wil receive offer letter by courier in few days
jainisha Says
I wasn't even in the did I convert

u myt b in 2nd waitlist.. congrates n welcum to scmhrd!

u joining?

Sid : SI21PD

Name : Bhushan Bodkhe

Seniors please help..i havent received even the acknowledgement mail...was in the first waitlist.Worried now!


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Hey Buddy.....FYI SCMHRD is a signatory of the Indian Placement Reporting Standard(IPRS) which has been initiated by IIM-Ahmedabad. As per IPRS, the final placement report to be presented by the B-school is audited by a 3rd party Auditor(CRISIL in the case of SCMHRD) before the official placement report is made available to the general public.

So as per our Seniors, the Audited Final Placement Report is expected somewhere around May-June.

Kindly PM me if you want any further specific details.

Kind Regards
SCMHRD 2012-14

but why don't they follow iim A's format of placement reports...the placement reports on your site is not at all detailed...i think you should make it way more explanatory..

n i don't understand the sense in releasing the placement reports just after the admissions are over in june.why cnt u come up with it before,so that we can make informed decision on choosing scmhrd ovr others.

A better option to get an idea of the waitlist movement wud b if all SIBM converts/waitlists provide the following info:
W/L or convert:
Current W/L no. (if applicable):
Other calls/converts:

My info is as follows:
W/L or convert: W/L
Current W/L no. (if applicable): 43
Other calls/converts:Great Lakes (converted)

according to me you will convert in the list that wil b released after iim results..dnt worry!


please update this sheet who are not going to join sibmp after nitie/iift/nmims convert :):);=1#gid=0

btw Congrats to all puys for converting nitie !! n those who r waitlisted...dnt worry u will b IN soon !!


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