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@manish.94039 said:
@Cut_Loose can you please tell me what is the total number of student in IIM ranchi for PGDM course only.Some where I read it around 70.

The current strength of IIM is as follows :-
Seniors (PGDM) - 66 students
Juniors (PGDM) - 120 students
Juniors (PGDHRM) - 40 students

And since the mails are already out for PGDHRM,

got to know that the interviews shall take place for the whole of March.

Bengaluru ends on 17th March and Delhi Begins on 19th March ... so on and so forth for other cities aswell :)

ATB guyz :)
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@royscore heyy :)

Sorry to disappoint you but I don't have an idea about that as of now.

Will try and find out from the college authorities in a day or two :)

Btw for yr info, the First IIM batch of HR (IIM Ranchi - PGDHRM) is finishing the summers before the PGDM guyzz,
personally, I never expected that to happen ... but still looks like a very positive sign for our college :)

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Hi frnds,

Been a regular member of this thread from past 2-3 years :)
Have a small update about my college. IIM Ranchi

Summers almost about to get over (should wrap up very soon) ... Mind you, We have the largest batch amongst the new IIM's (160 students)

Currently RPL (Ranchi Premier League ) is going on in our college.
An event full of cricketing action (both on and off the field) where 6 teams are fiercely fighting it out for the RPL 2013 crown. (My team is about to qualify for the semi-finals woohooo )

P.S. just wanted to share with all of you (esp with our prospective juniors)
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Hi friends,

Lets have a Help Desk sort of a thing ...
POC (Point of contact) from each Institute, so that students have clear idea about all the colleges.

I wish and would try that all the students make choices based on facts and not based on Rumors

We can make this data file on FB also :)
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@Prachya said:
First of all the addressed gender is incorrect.We have still not been imposed any such direction curtailing the rights.Our batch the first PGDHRM .So its premature to reply .
What gender Mam ? I dint get you, please elaborate

And also are the HR and PGDM placements combined ?? I would like to have the liberty to choose my area of interest and keep my options open Mam ...

Please guide
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@Prachya said:
See in 1st year we do have course which is very important for HRM does that mean we are doing PGDHRM, it doesnt.A aspiring manger needs to have intricacies of all aspects need for managing.PGDM guys have the liberty to go for HRM specialization.
Hello Prachya Mam,

Is it true that PGDM students can also do HR in the 2nd year ??
Coz other colleges like IMI, FORE, MDI do not allow this liberty.

@acecat13 mine was 76.77%tile .
7x.xx in both the sections

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@hemant.kumar Hi mate

I prefer being realistic.

Have you tried for Bank PO exams ???
Though I cannot predict your future but then I believe you should give Bank PO a shot and see where life takes you from there

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In a way, Yes. I am an Ex "TIME"-er. Enrolled there for the GD/PI classes. Till last year, actual CAT exam used to be a tad easier than the Aimcats.
However I hear, question papers are coming tougher on a regular basis this year
Please don't call me Sir mate I am one of you dear
For everyone's info out here, I had 76.77 %tile last with with QT (71.xx) and VA (77.xx).
Just one of the lucky ones to sail through

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Hi all,

Have been a regular member since past few years and gained a lot from here as well

Will try to be regular here post the CAT results are out.
Meanwhile all the best to all the CAT12 takers here
if someone has any doubt, feel free to contact me
I am a 1st year @ IIM Ranchi
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