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Wherever you join, take TCYONLINE mocks!It rocks!

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balakumarann Says
Reply to Crackpot:

My dear balakumar,
I could have as well countered some, not many, replies of urs because ur replies are more fact based than ramesh's.Some of the facts put down by you have flaws like that of the placement report.I firmly believe that those are the reports from your past 2-3 years,if not more.It is because placements for this 2012 batch has not started yet i suppose.So what's the point in giving your alumni's placement report to nullify my points?
But like i said, I had called it off. So I am not going any further. Wish you all the best.

First learn to know the difference between a "spam" and a "fact".Once you know, get back to me.

It's better to taste the sourness than to land at bitterness.

I was not condescending balakumar.I was sympathizing.Read my post again. :)

unisol,unrealheart4mba and sonirathorehere,
At the first, I too was thinking about applying to this school.
But,to get the proper insight of a business school, all you need to do are i)ask 3-4 puys from each of the top 10 schools or ii)ask some alumni of that particular bschool.Or both.

I unsubscribe from this thread(since i will not be applying to bim) wishing you all the best!

Score 118.75 AIR-13 ..
Lets c wat awaits!

Dear Venkat,
Even if i consider that, 5 students per company with around 7-7.5 package is an ideal situation.Not many does that and in Finance, it is a distant possibility.
Seniors, could you convey this possible threat to your authority and start wroking on it to protect the Brand TAPMI right away??
We are your descendants-We can at least expect this much from you...Don't we?
And ya, please remove this "second-shift" wala thing..
Very much eager to apply to TAPMI.

many happy returns 2 u boss!

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pagalguy_news News Service @pagalguy_news
_Photo credit: Abhishek Kathuroju_ The Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Calcutta closed the summer placement process for the batch of 2011-13 with students getting training projects across 142 companies.

Hi Ramesh,
I am sorry but would like to counter some points of urs which are more or less FLAWED!
Lets start from the 1st.

1. In our batch there are students from 13 states all over India.

There may be students from 13 states but the figure is actually 38 out of 120 less than a-third.Well,that 38 includes general SC,ST quotas as well(whose percentiles are also reduced).Genuinely good percentiled candidates around 38/2+1=20.So in general, number of candidates with good Managerial abilities vis-a-vis good APTITUDE=20 i.e. a-sixth;20/120.

2. BIM has believed in the process of Value Based Education combined with hard work and not the clamor of advertising. But, in order to keep up with the so called Trend we have initiated the process.

Well, To counter this fact of urs you/everyone reading this post need to just click on the home page and glide his eyeballs towards the right. A living example awaits much to his/her surprise.
It is good.It is always said that it is required and in bold (did u forget the word "trend" in bold in my earlier post?).But my friend,only valor doesn't help if it is not supported by a strong,firm base.

3. CAT scores alone are not a clear indicator of managerial skills. But other factors like consistent academic performance does. Many articles by academicians and research on the academic performance of students after joining B-School are vouching for that.

Had CAT scores not been the clear indicator, then the exam wouldn't have been conducted by the IIMs spending crores on them.It is.Else the IIMs would have just gone through the procedure of screening application forms based on highest scores.
Consistent Academic Performances state that you had been a serious student but to be a manager, you need not be one.Smart work is the keyword.Most of the CEOs are/were not good students-Mark Zuckerberg,Bill Gates, and the list continues.I am not saying that Good academics is inversely proportional to being a Good Manager, so would you believe neither is it directly. So, it leads to the fact that Academics have no role in becoming a successful manager.People good in only Acads can excel in different roles too!May be research,Scientist and others.

4. BIM produces unarguably one of the best managerial talents in India and that is the reason why we could able to have 100% placements for the past 26 years inspite of keeping a low profile in advertising.

U wrote point#4 2wice :biggrin:
Anyway, Had it produced one of the best managerial talents in India for 26 years, then, either you are trying to say that your "best" means 56 numbers or you are trying to say that though the ranking of BIM is 56,it actually lies in the top 5.Or both.
For the second part of statement i have marked in bold, I have already clarified it earlier asking you to click on the HOME page button or the Pagalguy icon on top of the page.

5. BIM is Govt aided and BIM is not a profit generation tool for the BIM Management and that's why BIM never intentionally participates in any B-School rankings and nor believes in buying B-school rankings to boost application sales. Inspite of seeing many other B-schools increasing their student intake to many folds BIM sticks to 120 students to maintain the quality of students.

Strange! May be BIM never participated in any ranking but in most of the rankings, BIM's name could be seen biting the dust.I don't know who ranked BIM then.See the 3rd button from the top left in this site itself?Click on it dude!
Now, fact is no one from your B-school need not rank yours.It's the opinion of the public in general.And so many opinions in so many sites cannot be wrong simultaneously.
Now coming to the second bold-faced part: BIM does not actually stick to it.But it is well aware that with this reputation if they pursue more than 120, they will have to compromise the quality of students and with that the reputation of BIM will go visibly naked to the eye of the public only to push it ranks to the next couple of decades(of ranking).

6. BIM is a Govt. aided B-school and has to abide TN Govt regulations. Reservations are not going to affect the quality of the output but the quality of teaching and the rigorous process during 2 years does. None of the IIMs have degraded after allowing reservations.

Quality of teaching-It is again a big "?". On opening your website I found that not even a single teacher of yours are from the top-leagued B-school in India,leave alone from outside the country.Boss, it's the look of the cup which attracts the customers first and not the tea in it.I cannot comment on their quality and rather, I should not but this is a thing you should not compromise with.You can ask the authorities to bring in Good profiled teachers-which adds to the school's reputation altogether with a higher package! Each year the college is taking 7*120=8 crores 40 lacs from you. A pay scale of 10+ per annum to 2-3 brand-teachers will well suffice.
Hiring great profiled directors or MDs have never helped-coz they never teach!
Process may be rigorous and hectic but how much value does it impart apart from bookish knowledge?What percentage of studies comprise case-studies and up to date pedagogy?With a b-school that follows tradition so much can be highly presumed that it has not matched the trend in its pedagogy as well.
IIM's attract reservations but there again percentage of reserved students who go to IIMS are never less than 85 at the least and their quality of teaching is unparallel added with the fact that their reservation is not 3/4th of the entire batch!!

7. Best Finance and Marketing profiles are offered in the campus by recruiters who visit our college Every year ( only because they are highly satisfied with the performance of our alumni)

Without keeping aspirants in a mist can those BEST profiles be stated and the names of the companies alongwith?Real Profiles I meant.If every year at least the same companies visit your college then why is it that names of the companies participated in your batches change year after year only keeping a few names in common?

8. BIM is having one of the best ROI amongst all. Many of our students have denied multiple offers from many other top B-schools (other than IIMs) to join BIM on the advice from their mentors at coaching institutes (they know it best than all)

Yes, only this point of yours can be agreed upon!ROI.But again your usage of "best" is called into question.Forgot FMS,JBIMS,etc?
Placement package(if it matches the website) is good enough but then again at the cost of good profiles.How many investment banking profiles have been offered this year by well known firms?How many Equity Research profiles?How many Market Research,Brand Management profiles?A handful?What are the companies that offered the profiles?
A direct sales job with even a 10 lac package with around 50% Variable Pay is not a good job!Realize this!I would deny it even before doing an MBA.So why would you consider it after investing around 7 lacs and immense efforts?

Do not hide urself from these brutal facts!Face it!Only if you face your weaknesses you will be able work on it and thereby make urself,ur BIM-Image strong!Try to realize BIM is a sinking ship!All you guys need to pull it up with your hands together.It can.You can take it to the glamor it showed during the 90s.There will be struggles while going against the odds and boundaries but only you need to stick to and devote your 2 years' time on it apart from ur regular schedules.Make your juniors realize this fact and make them work accordingly.Only then,someday, you would be able to proudly say "Yes, I am from BIM".

P.S.: With this, I call it off!
How are the following companies in terms of BB,Boutique and etc and please provide insights or oversights about them :)
2.Ambit Capital

What are their payscales,level and others?

How many people are placed yet?Learnt from a source that u guys are getting good responses from the industries.How many investment banking profiles have been offered?Truly hope that most guys are placed in good profiles.To add to my query, what is the status of ur summer placements?Please throw some light on that!
When are we going to get the partial placement data?
I am talking about NMIMS-BANGALORE

monikam Says
By 31st december the application form and the required documents should reach SIMSR

Can't I fill/pay it online only?