Prasanth Sukhavasi @prasanths89
raipur or rohtak which one to prefer.. Selection of college is even more difficult than CAT...

IIM Raipur Final Placement Report...they have some big names there !!

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  • @samu9999 most of new iims had less student strength in 2.... 01 Jun.
  • seniors se kuch pucho to muh chipa k bhag jate h pguy par !. 01 Jun.
Sreekant K @sreekantkkurup 1.2 k
@HawkEye12 If students do these cheap tricks, how does that make the institute itself 'bad' ? Do the collleges have some sort of leash on the students to restrict their movement? It's a personal choice of these students to defend their college. Doesn't make the new IIMs 'bad' ..
Murgesh Chatterjee @HawkEye12 29
@vivek6193 bhai sab new IIMs ka bura halat he... next time try for older IIMs... you know dude, these new IIMs condition is like, their students are coming here with fake accounts and scolding one another.. these baby IIMs doesnt have integrity only... btw where you got offer??????
Murgesh Chatterjee @HawkEye12 29
@samu9999 most of new iims had less student strength in 2011-13 batch, all r having around 45 or so, now batch strengths had gone up to 120, so it is obvious that the avg will fall, n 2011,12,13 were facing economic slow down, which caused many companies to stop hiring, and in addition elections 2014 was also there, so most of the companies reduced their numbers.. dese r some of the factors for drop in avg for many mba colleges in 2013,14
Vivek @vivek6193 275
seniors se kuch pucho to muh chipa k bhag jate h pguy par !
bittoo Singh @Bittoo77
got call from rohtak and raipur .. confused which one to join ?? can anyone help ??
Ashish Kumar @ashishkumar1409
I need to withdraw my admission. Do i need to go in person with the withdrawal form or will it suffice if i post it.
RAVI SINGH @Bottomline21
i am not sure behind the rationale of this type of decision by administration/director of IIM Ranchi ..... clearly if seats are full inspite of withdrawals then more no. of ppl have confirmed admission than the no. of seats (and how will they accommodate the extra guys ??) .... and other case which is more probable is that IIM Ranchi is adamant (read foolish) enough to let few seats vacant (god knows whether they believe 2nd list would hamper their brand or some similar stupid thing....)
Venkatesh @thouti
How many people interested to have a con call with Prof Janat Shah, Director IIM U ? We have got a few requests from some aspirants. Subject to the number of people interested and sir's availability, we can organize another call. PS: This is only for those aspirants who are either waitlist...
RAVI SINGH @Bottomline21
nm jao bhai and be in top 100 to 150 there
vivek kumar @potter39
Which one to join,PGDHRM from IIM Ranchi or PGDM from IIM Udaipur?Big dilemma..please help... ::
RAVI SINGH @Bottomline21
dekho...branch par compromise mat karo....this is gonna be the last degree of your life (most probably) choose wisely
Ravneet Singh @Ronit7
I guess I should just forget about MDI....PS- WL100 :angry:
Rocky MeraNaam @RockyMeraNaam
RAVI SINGH @Bottomline21
if you have Brand-Fever then go to IIM L ABM or else for more opportunities go to IIM Ranchi PGDM
@thePatel please refer to the attachment prepared by MDI seniors listing all the MDI Essentials !!! (y)