C D V @dvchinmaya
@phoenix2011@doubtingThomas@Akshaya1005@Anchun@makmakesit@manishzade@s_so@prashantgopalia@curemymind Need your guidance and suggestions for TISSNET preparation.Please help.
C D V @dvchinmaya
@phoenix2011@doubtingThomas@Akshaya1005@Anchun@makmakesit@manishzade@s_so@prashantgopalia@curemymind Need your guidance and suggestions for TISSNET preparation.Please help.
Anvesh Chunduri @Anchun

@prashantgopalia ...why not , any time dude...and for all the good words, I will take you for a lemmon tea at DM canteen

C D V @dvchinmaya
@phoenix2011@doubtingThomas@Akshaya1005@Anchun@makmakesit@manishzade@s_so@prashantgopalia@curemymind Need your guidance and suggestions for TISSNET preparation.Please help.
Anvesh Chunduri @Anchun

Neverthless ......focus on accuracy as standard of QP is below other exams...For GK I would suggest going through material for IRMA and Bank PO exams for static GK

C D V @dvchinmaya
@phoenix2011@doubtingThomas@Akshaya1005@Anchun@makmakesit@manishzade@s_so@prashantgopalia@curemymind Need your guidance and suggestions for TISSNET preparation.Please help.
Temporarily Off PG @scrabbler
We arrived at 3 pm on Saturday... [image] As we entered, we were serenaded by this trumpeteer Soon we were ensconced in these cosy little nooks [image]Hut sweet hut But not for long, as Ruta and her taskmasters got us to build Amusement Parks :o [image] Kya gum hai jiss...
Anvesh Chunduri @Anchun

I would prefer a Saturday evening ...sunday evening already looks  like the end of weekend....nevertheless if every one else is fine on Sunday ...I am game for it....:)

Indraneil Mukherjee @BABA_Pencho
I might not be able to make it to this years AIPGM. :disappointed: I am sorry guys! I was looking forward to be part of this extravaganza! :disappointed:


Is 3+ work ex bad to be a part of TISS HR course... Please reply .. Thanks in advance

It hardly matters. I had 3 years exp when I joined in TISS and there are people in my batch with 4 to 5 years exp...

Ankur @ank_mission_IIM
Hearty Thanks to @Anchun saar for being one of the Star of this thread... :smiley:
Anvesh Chunduri @Anchun
Finally .....baap re... @ank_mission_IIM is more demanding than my boss. He keeps reminding me deadlines to answer the qns :P...and waise the questions are tougher than all the exams I wrote in last 2 years ..............Thanks every one for putting across ur questions and in case if u want to ask any questions...I would be a PM away... @miseera ...this applies to u too


@Anchun Sir, Since i am late, i will keep it down to 4 questions.

1. Have you given any thought to coming up with a staple answer to friends who casually throw in "mera job lagwa dega naa bhai"? Don't tell me you haven't got any of that before. I already have a couple, and i haven't even started. My staple lines- "Bhai, main khud chod raha hun", and "Kitna khilaega". Do share.

Resume bej dena bhai ( 50% of the times I don't receive the resume) and for those who send across...I send them suggestions on improving the resume and send it again ( another 40% drop at this point) ..for the remaining 10% , I genuinely keep a watch on the openings which come up..but luck so far ..u can also send me a resume if u want

2. IR at your dream company(which,if any) or PR and HR at Axe/Wildstone?

PR and HR and for that matter admin role at Axe provided I get admission to the boat party ...who will resist the temptation of such hot chicks inviting for a party....btw by any chance do u have any references for Axe

3. You have two people, a guy(movie aficionado, lesser candidate), and a girl(deserving candidate, legs of a goddess) applying for a job and you are head of recruitment. Who would you select for a job, and who would you take for a movie? Bear in mind, you can pick only one for each.

Hmmm.. this sure looks like a trap question...the question seems to be too straight forward...any how let me take the bait...I will select the girl for the job and go for the movie suggested by the guy during the casual questions we ask at the beginning of the interview... ( wont risk taking the just employed girl to a movie and not nuts to go to movie with any random guy )

4. Is HR/IR a lonely,lonely world?

Gender ratio in my company overall is 96:4 ( M:F) while in HR it is 36:64 (M:F) ....hope I need not say more

But a word of caution for all those poor souls romancing IR ....its sure is a very lonely world out be sure of what u are getting into

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  • @ank_mission_IIM m telling u meri gaadi resume bhejne tk .... 23 May.
  • @mailtoneha14 mauke pe chauka... :stuck_out_tongue: :mg:. 23 May.
Ankur @ank_mission_IIM 10.8 k
@mailtoneha14 I don't think that even a single person exist on earth who satisfied with his resume...
. . @mailtoneha14 7.9 k
@ank_mission_IIM m telling u meri gaadi resume bhejne tk rukk jaegi... i m sure of it :mg:

coz mera resume jb mein dekhti hu toh embarrass feel krne lgti hu... :embarrassed:


Ahh. Interesting thread.

@Anchun My questions..:D

1. How did you tackle the question, why HR after engineering ?

@ank_mission_IIM very well answered the qn..for majority of engineers , its just a degree on paper

@seetharam7 ..for that matter , today my house owner asked me ..why HR after engineering??..beat that

Any how...I generally say, I am an electrical engineer..worked as trainer in infy and now working as HR in electrical engineering company..blah blah....people started buying in to this as long as I stick to current company, I have a solid answer

2. Do you think HR is field which fits women better (your opinion) ? Why is there a rumor that women get placed before guys in HR ? Is it true ?

Commo'n u are in XL and gone through summer placements...there is no second thoughts over that...there are some slot zero companies which doesn't even look at resumes of guys ...( clue: This particular company sells a popular fairness cream apart from soaps,shampoos & detergents )

IF u chose, u can have a 9 to 5 job in HR.. with good work life balance etc...Also there is one other theory ( not proposed by me) which says that men are good in subjects requiring analytical skills like maths and women in language and art women who had done art courses like psychology etc had entered the field in early days and there is a crowding effect with more women joining the force subsequently labelling HR field as better fit for women

I personally believe that we men are as good as women in HR, and can give a neck to neck competition to them for jobs as long as companies are not overly obsessed with gender ratio at their work place

3. Best and Funniest HR jargons you have come across ?

The usual suspects..infact I had planned to write a funny article on that..but then writing is not my core competency ;).....Though I can answer this question of urs strategically, I think u may not exactly get the value proposition of my answer

4. Something you really wanted to do at TISS but couldn't.

Cover all the girls hostels in the "only hostel night" we get but couldn't go beyond one

PS: no more further queries on this qn .. @ank_mission_IIM ...u listening


5. Purely your opinion - which is better and why - IR/Corp HR/HR consulting/Sales HR ? (Don't answer - It depends At least rank them on your preference).

Any day IR ( when I was in college) ....but since I had covered IR, Sales HR, Corp HR in the last 1 year... I would say u can have max impact on policies and visibility if u are in corp HR ( though the most hated person by both plant HRs/Sales HRs/Business managers) can learn a lot and have an independent charge if u are a plant HR and good respect from business managers if u are in sales HR ( provided u fill the sales openings at the time lines they wish)

But some how, I have my reservations w.r.t HR consulting while I was in college and further strengthened now by the kind of work they do and the amounts they charge ( any how its a personal opinion)

I hope I had confused u enough ,,,,,,to make my already lengthy answer a bit longer, I believe in spending time in all these roles and choose one which u like and ur wife accepts ( what use will have if u are passionate about IR and ur wife unwilling to leave metros)

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  • Awesome questions and replies as well...... 23 May.
  • :grin: Ans 2 - Yeah. I know that company :smiley: Abs.... 23 May.
T S Seetharam @seetharam7 2.2 k
Ans 2 - Yeah. I know that company Absolutely true.
Loved answer 5 also.
P.S. I am doing my internship in HR consulting now. :mg: