• Anit Pandey
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Name: Anit

Place: Mumbai

Working/Fresher (age): 25(Working - 26 months)

Gender: Male

Stream(Core/Banking...):- Core

Smoking: No

Drinking: Occasionally

Any other requirement:- Proximity to the campus.

Budget: under 10K

Made it to the shortlist... What is the next step?? I guess the shortlisted candidates get a form. I would just like to know when that comes out coz i would be on leave away from the address that i mentioned for correspondence.

@martin_mystry unlike ur username...there is no mystery in the fact that u sud get the call...u have almost the perfect balance thats required... and gk 8.33 ... manorama year book ke editorial board me the kya bhai... :-)

@martin_mystry Agreed Dude...but mate if you want 50% + scores in sectionals den you gotta give us more dan 2 hours... Ek to sala bubble karte tym bi dhyan rakho ki question number sahi hai aur gola sahi lagaya ya nahi...Kita tym to usme hi chala jata hai...

@puissant I hope d same for you too dude...
qa - 13

lrdi - 13.83 (So now you noe y i am wid u in the fight for that bonus mark )

gk - 5

valr - 26

oa - 57.83

Ive missed out on iift's cutoffs twice in a row...I don't want a hatrick

@martin_mystry 128 questions in 120 minutes are more than enuf to befuddle us bro... Add to it the pressure of doing well in all sections...the least u wud expect is if we cud get proper options... but these things happen all d tym... ur ryt when you say we have to take it wid a pinch of salt...

@martin_mystry I understand wat approximation means brother... All i am sayin is the option given (4860) is stretching the meaning of the word "Approximation" a bit too far...thats it...Anecase i havent attempted it...I was just hopin if we all cud get a net it a happy diwali bonus if u will... Considerin the frantic borederline sectionals this tym we all cud benefit from it... :-)

@puissant Dude i was just abt to post this... I left this question in the exam after spending some time...i thot maybe i was makin a calculation mistake... I hope its incorrect and we all get a +1...

4860 is not approximately = 5222.... :-)

coz if thats the case den students missing out on sectionals by decimal points would also want the same level of approximations.... :-)

@jayarox I missed the GMT question... Itna kam time rehta hai xam me ki 4.45 ko 16.45 me convert karna hi bhul gya... D only gud thng is dat many of my frnds have made d same blunder... :-)

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