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Gouri Shankar Sharma / ICICI BLP April 2012 Batch
Deepjyoti Khatoniar @DeepjyotiK
@998420 Hi warm regards!!! One question if a candidate if selected for the programme for any batch let it be Oct or Apr then when exactly is the bank going to inform them...and if the candidate has 3 months of notice period in his/her current company.
Gouri Shankar Sharma @998420

i didn't get ur question. pl elaborate or call me on 9930450360. we can discuss on phone.

@bhagithaki said:
998420 1985amit ri026418 Thanks for responding to our queries.. all of u must hv gone through or are currently going thru ur internships.. wanted to know what kind of work exposure ur gettin during internship. What is d kind of work they are giving u currently.. what has been the learning during this 6-month period??
Hi ,

Currently I am doing my internship. We will discuss in detail abt the intern experience once we back to campus. anyways I am coming on 27th April.

So, c u guys soon :)

Gouri Shankar Sharma
Gouri Shankar Sharma / ICICI BLP April 2012 Batch

Daily need shopping can be done from local mkt & frm tuck shop located inside campus. U can also bring books

List of books will b communicated before 26th april.
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Gouri Shankar Sharma / ICICI BLP April 2012 Batch
@agarg84 said:
@1985amit@998420@ri026418 Hi, can you please tell us if we need to bring laptop or desktop with us (if yes then which one would be better)? Also what other benefits are we getting upon joining this program (like TA to campus, leaves rules during MBA and internship, any other explicit benefits etc)....offer letter from ICICI Bank doesn't state anything as such but just checking
1. Laptop - anymake will do.
2. We got TA (one time) from your current location to NIIT University. Pl check with Hr.
3. We will be a regular student. No special treatment. We will get leaves as per university calender.
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Gouri Shankar Sharma / ICICI BLP April 2012 Batch
@Maddy1984 said:
@998420 Hello Gouri....just one more question :- How good is the gym facility in NU?
Gym equipped with all basic amenities. Diff timings for boys & girls :(
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Gouri Shankar Sharma / ICICI BLP April 2012 Batch

Project finance comes under Whole sale banking (WBG). Till date only one candidate offered that position ( till 3rd batch). They hav stopped hiring for those profiles as infra projects are not moving because of pending govt decisions.

I hope scenario will change by the time u got ur specialization.

Good luck.
Gouri Shankar Sharma / ICICI BLP April 2012 Batch
@anujcareer24 said:
Hi Guys,I have a few concerns before saying a final yes to this programme.. Please advise with your suggestions:1. Value of Degree of NIIT university out side ICICI2. As per my conversation with HR, The loan period will be for 5 years after MBA and we cannot prepay the loan (so the total lock in period become 7 years (2+5), this was confirmed by HR...3. Most of the profile that are offered are purely sales based profile including life insurance with high targets (Confirmed from candidates from previous batches and employess from ICICI).4. Break up of CTC - HR told me that In -hand after deducting the EMI of around 9500, TDS and other things would be around 70 k....(Is this true), guys pls advise...... 5. Place of posting and profile (Not clear at all- We also need to consider the cost of living with or without families in cities other than our home town).6. No increment and promotion for the the initial 3 years..7. We have to submit all our original documents to the bank as a security for the next 7 years.8. Work culture at ICICI- which is not very good.Guys, Pls help with your suggestions as i am not sure to say yes to this programme.Best Regards and no offense to anyone.
1. It is Approved by Govt of Rajasthan. Yes U can't compare with IIM's, still I feel the kind of exposure u will get during Intern/Job will be tremendous.
2. You can Pre pay remaining amount after 3 years on Job. So in short Bond period is only for 3 years.
3. Can you plz gave the details of Sr Batch candidates so that I can talk to him. I totally disagree. Insurance will be entirely diff company of ICICI Group. We will be posted in CBG/Risk/IT where no sales is required.
4. 1 Yr NISM program guys were getting 83k inhand (12.5 mentioned + 1.2L HRA for Tier 1 City). So pl be bit logical as we will be getting more than 15L
5. Posting will be decided by HR / Business head depends on demand & supply at the time of your joining. However Profile depends on your Past Exp/Grades during Term 1 & Personaliy Test.
6. We will be eveluated every year & u can expect appraisal in the month of march.
7. Yes we have to submit all original docs for 5 years ( 2 yrs MBA Program + 3 Yrs Job) not 7 years. Pl be sure that they keep your doc very safely ;)
8. Culture is good as we will be posted in corporate section. Life in Retail is entirely diff.

I tried to ans at my best. still if you have any ques then let me know.

Gouri Shankar Sharma / ICICI BLP April 2012 Batch

Congratulations to all of you guys for your success & good luck for rest for their future endeavours.

C u all in campus.
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Gouri Shankar Sharma / ICICI BLP April 2012 Batch

Good analysis panditji ;)
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Gouri Shankar Sharma / ICICI BLP April 2012 Batch

Application will come in may June & written will be in july.

Gouri Shankar Sharma / ICICI BLP April 2012 Batch