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My GIM GD/PI experience :

Profile :
10th - 81.2 % (ICSE)
12th - 66 % (HSC)
B.Sc - 62 % (Mumbai University)
Work Ex - No work ex

XAT score : 77.62 %ile

GD/PI slot : 6th March - 8:45 AM
Venue : YMCA - Central Branch , Colaba , Mumbai

there were around 30 people overall, we were divided into two groups who were to convene in two separate rooms. once we were seated we were further split into two groups of 8 each.
my group had our gd second and had to wait.
basically gd topic was about the V.P jr and his application for an internship.
the gd went well, got sufficient entries, made some good points blah blah.
the format of the gd was basically everyone had to make an opening statement, a closing statement at the end and finally a written summary.

I was second last in my sub group and had to wait about 2 & a half hrs before my interview.

basically the method of interviewing was not of the cliche variety.

there were two profs from gim p2 kept silent while p1 did the interviewing.

p1: so u went to campion school, u must be spoilt ?
me: no sir maby some not i
p1: did u go to school in a mercedes ?
me: no i lived nearby so i walked .
p1: u live in colaba, why dont u invest ur money and relax ?
p1: what were the last three books u read? why u liked them what they abt?
me :told him
p1: why do u want to do an mba ?
me: blah blah
p1; what do ur parents do ?
p1: tell me abt bros and sis
p1: what is ur xat score.
p1 to p2: how are we accepting such low scores ?
me:i'm a person of goan origin sir.
p1: i know but our cutoff for that category is 80 %
p1: do u invest in the stock market?
P1 : what was yesterdays closing ?
p1: what are mutual funds ?
P1: do u read any business publications?