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rightly said 2_kul....though i am not sure about wl-38....wl-37 posted about his confirmation.

anyways....congos for your convert :)

Thanks. Hope to see you at XL also
Last year for BM in d first list 26 were converted. This time it is 39. What is the reason for the increase in numbers? Is it because any IIMs which gave their results late last year gave them early this year? (Like Udaipur Kashipur) or is it because more w/l will be converted this year?
And till what can we expect the BM waitlist to move?

I think last year it moved till 38 in first movement. Kindly check last years thread. The result came out on may 10th and the guy w/l at 37 posted the same day that he has converted
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prikhamjo Says
best way is to call the admission office and tell them the prob

I do not think this should be an issue.
Some one posted in fb that both the pin should work. But yeah do call adm office to confirm the address and
do post it here
I am also getting a bit nervous ...
I am W/L-23 in HRM with just 94.13%ile ...
GD-PI was the best i could have . In GD , i talked for the most amount of time and made some imp. points.
I was able to answer all of their questions in PI which was HR based . In interview they even told me that they would be booking a hostel room for me in XL ....
but now being in WL sucks , getting tensed ...

Dude.. chill

HRM 23 is sure shot..the common converts itself will see you home
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Man predicting waitlist movement is an impossible job ,but if u think rationally ppl having IIM A,B,C converts will leave sureshot. IIML , FMS are tough calls.Some Ppl may choose IIML for IIM tag and FMS for their amazing return on investment (tuition fee is stunningly low).But almost no one wud go for IIMI or IIMK after getting XLRI BM.

As all IIM A,B,C,L and FMS have declared their lists i don't think there will be much movement after the 1st waiting list which will come out ,say around 6th May.But personally i don't think it wud fall below 46, the previous year mark, bcoz of standard XAT dis year.

Thanks for the effort..I aint gonna hold you against it though... :grin:
Let us just wait and watch
I don't think u shud worry much. Most ppl just after the result, feel very elated (which they shud be) and say that dey will join, but once the feeling subsides, ppl start thinking deeply.

I think almost all ppl who have IIM A,B,C,L, FMS wud probably leave XL-HR.
Ppl having preference for finance or marketing will go for MDI PGPM, NITIE, SP JAIN,IIFTD as HR wud not be their preference.

I think the ppl really interested are the ones filling the spreadsheet as the uninterested ones wud not fill it anyway. So it gives too biased a picture.

PS:- my opinions,meant no offence to any institute

Any opinion about BM waitlist?

Could not help but ask :grin:
Friendly remainder to everyone to kindly keep updating the excel sheet. Kindly update all tabs relevant to you. This will greatly help us wait listed candidates.


Guys kindly keep filling this co.
There is now a welcome tab with all the instructions. Kindly fill all tabs
Thanks for all the help

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Waitlist movement for HRM has been pretty good over the years(Around 75+)...BM doesn't move that much(For BM it would be around 40 this time, IMO)

After June...First week of June is my prediction

Silly question but cant help but post it

Any predictions for BM waiitlist@38 ? As in tentatively by which date i will get you know my state?
i earnestly hope you convert :biggrin: :biggrin: (have a look at the post-script :grin: )

you correctly said that almost every year waitlisters till wl-45 have converted. but the point is it is very difficult to predict the waitlist movement, now more than ever, because the lower cut-off criteria (introduced last year) for XL calls may lead to fewer overlaps between final XL and A/B/C/L converts (as these have high percentile cut-offs).of course, the assumption here is that those who score exceptionally in cat/xat most probably will have a similar score in the other(don't kill me for this :p). imho this is a good move as it helps in making a more comprehensive analysis (not just aptitude scores) of someone's candidature. having said this, do keep your hopes high. fyi wl converts of past few years:

'09 --> around 74
'10 --> around 55
'11 --> 46
'12 --> ??

p.s. yours truly waitlisted @ 41

Agree with your thoughts.. Any thing can happen this year... the only relief is that nothing drastically changed this year. Last year also XL had such "lower cut-offs" and also this time around both cat and xat were less unpredictable than last year (not that much normalization issues in cat and not that nightmarish paper in XAT respectively)

But again nothing can be predicted. No point speculating . I guess i am just trying to calm myslef.
BTW Waitlisted @38 in BM
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