• Aditya Dhatrak
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@[607335:SubruMBA]: Very nice..Enjoyed it thoroughly
hey did you go for the counselling session ??
Hey dude ..u say every seat is filled..but i am really confused ..i have got a call i.e mail which says that i should come for counselling..i was not selected neither i was in waitlist..i am very suprised to get the call..n they have just given 2 days to decide..are there any seats really left ??because i have to arrange for 3lakh rupees in a week time..n please let me know my chances..
dude in obc it should be from 13 ..n there are 2 people on 13th..including me
W/l13 (obc)
please update the poll result !!!!!
can u plz update it ??
the link does not open ...
can you please update the poll result again ???
Nm yaar ..anytime..